The Business of Selling Dreams

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Fida Hussain Sodagar

The parliamentary elections are hanging on our heads. This is the best season for political business. It prospers during this period. The trade of selling dreams has begun. Jammu and Kashmir is also witnessing the ignition of this market. Every politician is busy to inflate its business to sell the hopes to lure more and more voters. A grand market larger than the Sunday market is in full bloom. This market is full of dreams and hopes at cheap rates.
PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti is not only selling dreams and hopes. She is also daydreaming. Her party’s trust and legacy is lost. Now she is manufacturing and advertising new products. She has got transformed. Her tone, her words, her drama everything distorted. She is a perfect drama queen. Her tears, sympathies, and empathies detonate when she remains out of power. She is suffering from severe memory loss. When in power she is a different Mehbooba Mufti altogether. Now she has got new hopes to sell. She says that it would scrap the ban imposed by the government on the JKLF and the Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir if she comes to power. She went a little further ahead to project that ideas cannot be chained, banned or killed. Yes, it is true to the core, her idea of deception and trickery cannot be chained or killed. She will remain as she is, a heartless politician.
Omar Abdullah pledges to bring back the posts of Sadr e Riyasat, and Wazir e Azam. He sells the products called AFSPA and PSA. Let’s assume he comes to power; given past history, we can’t trust on these empty promises . We have met deceptions repeatedly. BJP has flourished its own business. The party is selling Article 370 and article 35 A to remain relevant to the game. The congress is no different. They are the sides of the same coin.
The art of selling dreams is encrypted in the blood of politicians. Politicians are the experts to intertwine dreams. The politicians of Jammu and Kashmir have mastered this art. They sell everything. They market the conflict, miseries and more. Whatever the dreams they sell, the consumption remains the same. They garner votes out of this business. They are the creative dream merchants. They know how to make and break the promises. They know how to exploit the sentiments and emotions. That is their strength. That is the political tragedy. They sell dreams and we buy every bit of it. That is our tragedy. We become the victims of political agenda setting. The cycle will go on. They will sell us also and we will give ourselves with all our happiness.

—The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on diverse issues. He can be reached at: