On the Perils and Pitfalls of Social Media

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Suhail Amaan Mir

Everything has its positive and negative aspects; the same holds true for social media . If the youth use it in a good manner like following pages that motivates them to do something innovative ,then its good but if they are just wasting their time by liking or following irrelevant posts and bragging their stuff , that will definitely lead them to nowhere .
Addiction to social media makes the youth have bad grades in studies; because of social media ,many students who were excellent students have become bad students . Every day ,these students come to class ,but they do not focus on studying .While their professors are teaching, they are using cell phones to surf Facebook ,Instagram or chat with friends on messenger. They always check their cell phones every five minutes to see what is going on social media .
Young people who are addicted to social media live for away from reality. Because of using cell phones all day, they will not have time for outdoor activities such as playing sports or camping. Instead of going out to meet friends or talk to their parents, these people love chatting with friends on social media; they will just stay at home and update their news on social media ; they post status updates or photos to share with their friends on social media. Gradually, they will only live in a virtual world.
Using social media too much will have a serious impact on health because the young are addicted to social media, they will go to bed late to read news on Facebook or chat with friends. Staying up late is really harmful for health, especially the brain. If the young do not sleep enough, their health will be affected seriously by losing weight or always feeling tired . Their brains also will not work effectively and they will be in sleeping conditions . Moreover, addiction to social media can cause depression in the young which is a serious problem. When the young use social media, they will see other people on social media. If the young see other people who are better than them in appearance or talent, they can feel inferior.
Teenagers who spend much time on social media have less time to spend with their families.Most of young users are not even ten years old , this could cause severe concerns to their privacy over the web as well the security of device data.
Parents have their own busy schedule, which leaves them with little time to control browsing habits of their young once on social media.
Kids may develop a feeling of isolation in their real life where they are hyper active online
As Albert Einstein Once said , “I fear they day that technology will surpass over human interaction . The world will have a generation of idiots’’. Social media is a great way to pass time and see whatever is happening in the world. It is very interesting and also very addictive. However, social media is eclipsed by so many challenges, because it is unregulated
By way of a conclusion, although using social media has many benefits in our lives, addiction to social media is not good. It will have awful influences on studying , take us away from reality and have bad effects on health In order to avoid being addicted to social media young people should spend more time playing sports , studying and taking part in activities in schools. The parents and the teachers need to teach children the correct use of social media so as to avoid or minimize malpractices that prevail over social media.

—The writer is an Engineer and can be reached at: Ersuhailamaan12@gmail.com