India rejects Pak’s charge

India rejects Pak’s charge
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New Delhi: New Delhi on Sunday rejected Islamabad’s “preposterous statement” that it was planning to attack the country later this month and said the statement was a call to Pakistan-based militants to carry out attack in India.
“India rejects the irresponsible and preposterous statement by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan with a clear objective of whipping up war hysteria in the region. This public gimmick appears to be a call to Pakistan-based terrorists to undertake a terror attack in India,” said a statement from the Ministry of External Affairs.
India called upon Pakistan to not make “hysterical statement” and take the focus away from the core issues that plague the two nations. It also asked Pakistan to share any evidence it has for the claim it is making.
“It has been made clear to Pakistan that it cannot absolve itself of responsibility of a cross border terrorist attack in India. No attempt at creating an alibi for its complicity in such attacks will succeed. Pakistan needs to take credible and irreversible steps against terrorism operating from all territories under its control rather than making hysterical statements to obfuscate the core issue that bedevils our region: cross- border terrorism. Pakistan has been advised to use established diplomatic and DGMO channels to share any actionable and credible intelligence it has about imminent terror attacks. India reserves the right to respond firmly and decisively to any cross border terrorist attack,” the MEA statement further added.