Poverty is a Scourge that Can be Eliminated. Here’s How

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Ashfaq Chopan

The issue of poverty can be primarily observed as a deficiency or scarcity of certain fundamental material possessions by a certain portion of population. The matter of poverty is connected to multiple factors and is usually generated by social, economic or political elements.
Even though the technological explosion and advancement has produced widespread opportunities and job platforms, but it would be wrong to posit that there has been significant successful in having any remarkable change in the status among the poor. The great South African revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela proposed that poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid but it is something man made and can be removed easily by the human actions.
Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity but an act of justice. There is a large network of population either hit by war conflicts or those who become the victims of unjust and corrupt governmental and administrative systems. They then witness an extreme kind of poverty and henceforth fail to meet their minimum fundamental survival needs like food, clothing and shelter.
Poverty not just tests how one will ensure one’s social dignity by turning one›s life into an examination and a struggle for mere survival. Anyone who has suffered from the poverty can well define how undignified it is to be a poor.
It is rather the death of our collective social conscience which has encouraged and led to the flourishing of poverty in our societies. And, it is the dereliction of our moral and religious responsibilities toward the poor and the needy. It is disgusting to describe how poverty wastes the talents and the efficient manpower equipped with diverse capabilities.
The worst victims of poverty are the budding children living in such societies. The children are the future of a nation. The children growing in poor societies not just get deprived in getting a quality education and exposure but due to insufficient diet suffer from the malnutrition and starvation which thereby destroy this greatest asset. Such children are often horribly tested by the nuisance like child labour. This can be understood in a way that the International Labour Organisation reported in 2018 that there were about 152 million children working in hazardous and unhealthy conditions as labourers in different parts of the world.
From the global perspective, millions of people are facing extreme poverty in conflict zones and underdeveloped regions like Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Congo e and so on
and in many under developed parts of world where people fail to full fill the basic needs of life.
These continued regional conflicts have greatly increased population living under the poverty who encounter starvation and loss of jobs and work thereby worsening their quality of life.
It is the primary duty of international law enforcing institutes to show their existence by controlling the ongoing conflicts in various parts of world particularly and therefore ensuring justice and equal rights to every individual. We, individually have to care and support all those who are socially weak and dependent.

—The author, a Master’s student at Central University, Kashmir, can be reached at: