No separatist can match NC-PDP leaders when out of power: Sajad Lone

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‘If Omar has shame, he should apologise to all who suffered due to PSA, including me’

BANDIPORA: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Peoples Conference Sajad Gani Lone on Saturday said that no separatist leader can match NC-PDP leaders when out of power. He also said that Omar Abdullah should apologise to all those who suffered due to the Public Safety Act (PSA) over forty years, including him as his father was detained under the Act at least eight times.
Lone made these remarks during in an election campaign speech in Bandipora for the party’s northern parliamentary candidate, Raja Aijaz.
Taking a dig at both leading regional parties, the National (NC) Conference and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Sajad said that they have ruled Kashmir for 40 years and done nothing except erode Kashmir’s special status and bring in central government laws.
“Suddenly, when elections arrive, these politicians have woken up from deep slumber and are talking about Kashmir, its autonomy, Public Safety Act and about people languishing in jails.”
He added: “These two families have ruled over us for at least 40 years. When they are out of power, no separatist can match them, and when they are in power, no one in the world can match their barbarity.
“Omar Abdullah has the blot of civilian killings in 2010 on his forehead, and Madam Mehbooba Mufti has the blot of civilian killings in 2016. Now they are campaigning like these never happened,” Lone said.
Reacting to the recent remarks made by Omar Abdullah over autonomy and the repealing of the PSA, Lone said it was the NC which compromised the special position of Jammu and Kashmir and gradually eroded Article 370 by giving up the state’s former prime ministerial and Sadr-e-Riyasat posts. He also blamed the NC for bringing the PSA to Kashmir.
“Now they talk of internal autonomy, but we question who eroded 370 and compromised the prime ministerial and Sadre-e-Riyasat posts. It’s NC, and I call that the surrender of 1975 when Sheikh Abdullah accorded with Indra Gandhi.”
Lone further said “370 was eroded only after Sheikh Abdullah compromised the position for power. He told them, ‘Give me the chair, and I will take oath as a Cheif Minister of J&K’, rather then as its PM, and it is the same Congress that the NC has relations with. Those promising to safeguard this building are responsible for razing all its floors to the ground.”
Criticising Omar’s remark that he will repeal the PSA, Lone said: “It was Sheikh Abdullah who brought the PSA to Kashmir and, after 40 years, his grandson is asking for votes to repeal this black law.”
Lone added: “If Omar Abdullah has shame, he should go to each family and apologise to those families for making them suffer due to this law. He should apologise to me too for detaining my late father under the Act for at least eight times.”