Irfan Naqib urges govt to release pending bills of contractors

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Srinagar: District Congress Committee (DCC) Srinagar president, Irfan Naqib Saturday urged the government to immediately release the pending bills of contractors amounting to over Rs 1000 crore.
In a statement issued here, he said that due to the non-payment of the bills, not only contractors are suffering but people associated with these works, including labourers are facing immense hardships.
“This is sheer injustice with the contractors, who have completed the government works after taking loans from banks at high interest rates,” Naqib said.
The Congress leader said that development works including languishing projects and repair of roads have come to halt as the contractors have decided to boycott all the works till their pending payments are released.
“Normally in April the work on development projects used to be on full swing as the Kashmir witnesses slump in construction activities during winter months due to low temperatures. However, this year situation is totally different as the work on all the important projects have come to halt following the boycott call given by joint coordination committee of contractors who are seeking release of their bills,” he said.
Naqib said that on paper, the state administration council headed by the Governor has given nod to completion of languishing projects under JK Infrastructure Development Financial Corporation which was given mandate to undertake completion of pending projects.
“However, due to the strike of contractors, even the work on languishing project has been stalled. The condition of most of the roads across Kashmir is bad and there is immediate need to repair these. If the government fails to take immediate steps in releasing the pending payments of the contractors, the situation will become worse in coming days,” he rued.
He assured the contractors full support of Congress in their genuine demands.