RTI Movement stages protest

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Srinagar:Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement on Friday held a demonstration against the government decision to close highway for civilian traffic twice a week.
According to the statement which reads: RTI activists holding placards said that the decision is shocking and uncalled for, which will not only suppresses the people but is also undemocratic.
“Such decisions are the reason that people in the valley have felt oppressed every time. And such decision will further alienate the common people of Kashmir valle,” said Dr Raja Muzaffar, chairman RTI Movement.
While questioning the decision, the statement reads that the common people shall not be punished and harassed on the pretext of Pulwama attack.
“Such decision will have serious implications on the psyche of common people and will hamper the economy as well as everyday life. The decision makers shall understand that this highway is the only connection of
Kashmir to the rest of the world, and closing the highway will have serious ramifications,” it added.
“We call upon the government of J&K to reconsider this decision as soon as possible so that the common people don’t have to suffer further in terms of healthcare, education, daily life and other sectors. It is the violation of the fundamental rights of the common people and is no less than violation of human right, even under international law during the war time, the lifeline routes (road) leading to hospitals cannot be shut,” they said.