Mission of PDP is to protect J&K’s identity: Bhat

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Bandipora: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat on Friday said that PDP is committed to the upliftment of people of the state and their dignified life.
The statement said: Addressing workers at Dardpora, Laharwalpora and Saderkoot Payeen, Bhat said the Gujjar and fishermen community has in particular been focus of the party to mitigate their miseries arising out of poverty and backwardness.
He said that along with holistic development, the party has been pursuing resolution of Kashmir problem to bring the state out of turmoil and prolonged uncertainty.
He recalled how PDP leadership empowered people through competitive politics and honest use of resource, energy, and influence.
He said peace eludes the state, masses at borders are living under constant threat of war and the overall scenario is that of dismay and cynicism.
Bhat accused national parties including BJP and Congress of having played mischief with the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are made to bear perpetual tragedies.
Bhat said it is high time that people rise against New Delhi’s coercion and arrogance.
“While PDP will continue to serve people, it is the mission of the party to ensure that the state’s identity is protected against all onslaughts,” he added.