Option of Last Resort: Why Parents Shy Away From Government Schools

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Lone Altaf

Government schools are last option of parents after they fail to admit their wards in private schools. Parents shy away from such schools and hesitate to admit their wards for two main reasons: either they think government schools are not providing quality education or they do it for the sake of show to keep away from the taboo related with government schools. It hurts their inner self to enroll their wards in these schools as such schools are considered to be the lowest graded schools in our society. In this materialistic world, every one wants to show much ado about nothing to others and this remains the theme of mothers while waiting with their children early in the morning for colorful school buses.
They even compare these school buses with each other and don’t hesitate in bandying false or fabricated details while discussing the facilities are expenses in these schools proudly. These false accounts help them to satisfy their false ego. As a society . We always feel proud in criticizing people for every good or bad intentions they intend because we have been nurtured in a system where people are said to be slaves of their ego.
If private schools provide quality education as per the demands of the time then, can I ask, what is the purpose of providing tuitions to such students? Don’t they get enough at their respective schools? If the answer is no then, what is the purpose of such schools when your expectations are not satisfied about getting quality education there. Isn’t it only ostentatiousness and nothing else?
On the other hand, the administration speaks highly about its novel initiatives taken to streamline the education system in a well planned manner. These initiatives are supposed to help under developed schools to a great extent on a priority basis. But, in practice field, they have failed to implement such steps on one or other pretext and their claims have turned out to be hollow slogans. The current apathy of the administration towards education system seems to deteriorate the situation further to the extent which may defunct such schools in future. Since the past few years, hundreds of circulars, orders issued to boost these schools remained confined to papers only, and in practice, there is no change. Involving different organizations to help the education system has turned out only wastage of money and time, not to yield anything concrete. These organizations deteriorated the schools further instead of facilitating or helping them to improve their standard in academics.
While in many countries, having a sense of dignity, their policymakers and experts have worked hard to make their public schools as models that can have a better standard. They have open policy regarding such schools which makes them successful in providing quality education with proper involvement of parents as well. Every citizen of these countries has a sense of belonging and self respect. Most of the employees enroll their wards in public schools having all the modern facilities available as they pay taxes and get education of their wards free. On contrary, our society is not developed to such a status that it can help in the improvement of our public schools and the administration as well. In spite of paying huge taxes , our schools are far away from modern facilities which makes them less attractive or less attentive. At some places People, to some extent, rightly hesitate while enrolling their wards in such schools as even windows, doors or building structures are not available for such schools. It makes even tougher for a lower middle or middle class family while taking decision about admitting their child.
This pejorative connotation of our government schools makes them the last resort for parents in our society. From decades there is no improvement in the standard of schools with respect to basic facilities which can play a vital role in advertising government schools proudly.
With parents preferring private schools, policymakers and experts are unable to come up with a plan that will make public education attractive, attentive to bring students back into government schools. It is only the administration which is responsible in derailing the education system of our state from the right track that causes insecurity in parents while admitting and remain far away. The administration at higher levels should think about the present scenario and put forth a new innovative idea which can buff up our public education sector.

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