LAWDA to use services of Indian Navy to conduct hydrographic survey of Dal Lake

LAWDA to use services of Indian Navy to conduct hydrographic survey of Dal Lake
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Srinagar: Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) is planning to use the services of Indian Navy to conduct a hydrographic survey of Dal so that they are able to measure the siltation level and depth of the lake.

The LAWDA has not to pay anything to the India Navy as the survey will be free of cost and would be carried for the preservation of Dal Lake.

Earlier on March 16, a four-member Committee of Experts (COE) which was appointed by High Court conducted a high-level meeting for the conservation, management and rehabilitation of Dal and Nigeen lakes.


Apart from discussing other issues related to Dal and Nigeen, Vice Admiral (Retd) S K Jha had informed the meeting that Indian Navy will carry the hydrographic survey in the lake.

A LAWDA official said they earlier had no hydrographic maps and the J&K High Court did not consider the maps available with the authority reliable.

As per the official, the Vice Admiral (retired) of the Indian Navy will be head of the survey team and the survey will be completed in 15-20 days.

During its stay, the team will also train the local engineers. “This is a good decision we wish this will implement on ground soon, so that we too will learn things and also we will come to know about the exact depth levels at different locations inside the lake, we don’t have no clear idea about the digital mapping of the lake,” said a group of engineers

The survey will help LAWDA in preparing the 3D map of the lake where everything will be visible inside the waters. “This will also help us in dredging, after that we will do dredging work accordingly,” they said.

The engineers will able to know whether there is scope for more dredging and it will also help in geo-tagging the particular locations. “The survey will provide us details and complete reports of its depth and soil quality,” they further said.