DFP condemns banning of advertisements to GK, KR, Uzma

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Srinagar: Condemning the banning of government advertisements to Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Reader and Kashmir Uzma, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Thursday termed it as an attack on the institution of media.
The party in a statement said that “New Delhi first tried to intimidate people by arresting pro-freedom leaders, banning political parties and attaching legal properties and now it is trying to threaten the media so that the entire social segments are impacted”.
The party said that Kashmir media has been performing professionally and to threaten it by using economic tools as banning government advertisements is nothing but to harm the basic concept of democracy.
“The government decision can directly impact the lives of hundreds of media person whose bread and butter is related to the institutions they are working for. So, the banning of advertisements to Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Uzma and Kashmir Reader is the matter of hundreds of families of the media fraternity. It seems that New Delhi is trying to punish the whole Kashmir society including the media,” DFP said.
Meanwhile, the DFP spokesperson slammed the judiciary for not considering bail to its incarcerated chief and senior resistance leader Shabir Shah. He said that Shabir Shah is being punished for his political ideology and the irony is that even judiciary is working on behest of the political leadership.