War, Stripped of Accretions and Rhetoric, is the Failure of Humanity

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I will begin my essay with the golden words of Martin Luther King:
“Hatred paralyzes life, Love releases it;
Hatred confuses life, Love harmonizes it;
Hatred darkens life, Love illuminates it.”
These heart touching words of Martin Luther King Jr. completely fit and explain the current atmosphere between India and Pakistan. Our minds are dominated by hatred rather than love and affection. In today’s materialistic world where one is ready to sacrifice and endanger the life of others, only to fulfill his nefarious designs, the signs of love, peace, brotherhood and affection are fast declining from societies.
This is what was realized in the recent past when two nuclear armed neighboring countries were on the brink of war. Thanks to the Almighty that the storm settled down without the tale of destruction.
War Knows No boundaries
WAR! As the word sounds one’s ears, presents him with the picture of horror- deaths, injuries, cries, wails and destruction all around. Then how come a wise and peace loving human will ever desire or advocate war as a solution to cure a given problem. Only a fool can dream of war to achieve something positive out of it. War is neither the victory of supporter nor defender, but the failure of humanity and human policies.
In today’s fast developing world, one cannot think of war so as to go back in the world of darkness. The same holds true here, where India and Pakistan can’t afford a war, otherwise get ready to vanish from this planet as if they never existed.
Though I am not a defense expert, but in view of the nuclear capability of both nations, there remains no scope of limited war.
God forbids, if at all there is a full fledged war (where the use of nuclear weapons can’t be ruled out) between the two countries, it will only end up with a tale of destruction. Researchers from the three universities of USA (Rutgers University, University of Colorado-Boulder and University of California, Los Angeles) came to a conclusion that if India and Pakistan fought a war detonating 100 nuclear warheads (around half of their arsenal), each equivalent to a 15 –Kiloton Hiroshima bomb, more than 21 million people will be directly killed, about half the worlds protective Ozone layer would be destroyed and a “nuclear winter” would cripple the monsoons and agriculture worldwide.
However the real cost would be higher and not just in India and Pakistan, where the first 21 million people- half the death toll of World War II – would perish with in the first week from blast effects, burns and acute radiations.
Another two billion people worldwide would face risks of severe starvation due to the climatic effects of the nuclear weapon use in the subcontinent, according to a 2013 assessment by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, a global federation of physicians.
On top of this, there is an unending arms race between the two countries only to benefit the developed western powers that are the main supplies of arms and ammunitions. According to the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), the interim Union Budget 2019-20 of India allocated Rs 4,31,011 Crore ($ 60.9 billion), more than 2.1% of its GDP to the Ministry of Defense. On the other hand Pakistan proposed about 1.1 trillion ($9.6 billion), about 3% of its GDP as a defense budget. But still we don’t have resources to eradicate poverty from our countries.
War undermines our capability to resolve and redress the issues in a peaceful manner. It leaves behind the unending story of death, destruction and horror. To me, it’s a blot on humanity that is difficult to vanish. If we are so eager to fight a war, let it be against poverty, corruption and other social issues so as to provide better environment for people where everyone will live a life of dignity.

—The writer is student at SKUAST-K. He can be reached at: shakirmajeed414@gmail.com