Kashmiris not fazed by BJP-RSS: Farooq Abdullah

Kashmiris not fazed by BJP-RSS: Farooq Abdullah
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Gandarbal: National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday said that the people of Kashmir will not be fazed by the threats of BJP-RSS on scrapping special status of the state. He said those who are saying that Articles 370 and 35A were temporary were wittingly or un-wittingly affirming that the accession of J&K to India was also temporary.
Addressing a public gathering at Madar-e-Maharban stadium in Ganderbal, party president Farooq Abdullah said that those who created ruckus about Omar Abdullah’s speech wherein he sought the restoration of the status of the state on the original terms of accession were unqualified and untaught about historical facts.
“It was our party who after Maharaja Hari Singh executed accession with the Union of India and sought unimpeachable constitutional safeguards for our state under the Delhi agreement. Our party has always sought restoration of the relation of our state with the Union of India on the original terms of accession, which only gave three subjects of communication, defence, and foreign affairs to the Union,” he said.
“However, after the unconstitutional arrest of Sher-e-Kashmir, the special status was dented to an extent that it remained a pale shadow of what Sheikh Sahib was able to achieve. We will not be fazed or frightened by the threats of BJP-RSS. We will continue to seek our rights that were infringed upon,” he asserted.
Farooq Abdullah said that the NC after coming to power in J&K passed the Autonomy resolution with a two-thirds majority. “The resolution was heartily passed by the majority of assembly members belonging to different faiths and regions of the state. Former Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao in a televised address at Burkina Faso had approved of having Sadr-e-Riyasat and Wazir- e- Azam for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He has on record said that, ‘As far as giving autonomy to the state of J&K is concerned, sky is the limit’.”
“We, too, didn’t budge from asking for the restoration of our infringed rights,” Abdullah said. “Once in power in 1996, we got the autonomy resolution passed with a huge majority. Those who say that the resolution was cast out (by the Indian government) are wrong. The documents are still with the union government and one day the centre has to implement it. There is no other way peace can return to the state.”
“In the run up to the Beigh-Parthasarthy Accord, my father Sher-e-Kashmir had written to late Mrs Indira Gandhi asserting forcefully that he seeks the relation with the Union on the actual conditions of Accession with India. The letter is still in the repositories of the concerned departments of Union government,” he said.
Abdullah said that the forthcoming elections will decide if minorities including Muslims will be able to walk with their heads high and chins up. “Mehbooba Mufti these days is seen saying that joining hands with BJP proved poisonous for her party. However, in reality she poisoned the state and opened the flood gates to such forces as are inimical to the identity and integrity of state,” he said, adding, “Mufti Sayeed betrayed the mandate of people by hobnobbing with RSS-BJP. People had reposed their faith in him but what followed was a colossal betrayal of that trust. The embrace of Mufti’s and BJP-RSS plunged the state into chaos and melancholy.”
Referring to the sorry state of minorities in India under BJP rule, Abdullah said, “Today our nation is facing immense hazards in the form of communal strife. We are at a crossroads. Now it is up to us to decide if India remains secular and progressive in its outlook, or a country which is tangled with the clutches of communal strife and bigotry. Now it is up to the people. The opportunity has come.”
“Today on one hand there is Gandhi’s India which is all inclusive and on other hand there are forces, which believe that India belongs to the adherents of only one faith. World has seen such fascist forces trying their level best to harm the brotherhood and peace before as well in the form of Hitler. Today we are facing modern day Hitlers and Goebbels. Like Goebbels they thrive on falsehood, lies and mendacious politics,” he said.