Family accuses SKIMS Soura of mismatched blood transfusion on patient

Family accuses SKIMS Soura of mismatched blood transfusion on patient
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22-year-old girl battling for life, SKIMS denies accusation

Srinagar: A family from Srinagar has lodged a case of medical negligence against Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura accusing the hospital staff of infusing blood of wrong group on the patient.
The case has been filed in Soura police station after the distraught family held protest in the premises of SKIMS Soura.
Mir Anjum, 22, resident of Bemina was taken to the institute on March 29 after she passed blood with stool.
The girl is now battling for her life and is on ventilator. Her family accused that she was infused wrong blood group instead of O+ve, following which she went into coma.
“She was admitted to SKIMS on March 29. She was infused blood of a wrong group on Saturday. Her body reacted drastically as her body started shivering and she went into coma immediately. Doctors and the hospital administration are now hushing up the case by refusing her case file,” Mir Asiya, her sister told Kashmir Reader.
The family has filed a complaint in Police Station, Soura asking the police to take strict actions against the hospital staff.
Director SKIMS, Dr Omar Javed Shah has ordered internal inquiry in the case. The probe panel is headed by Medical Superintendent, Dr Farooq A Jan.
The Medical Superintendent, Dr Farooq A Jan refuted the allegations by the family. However, he didn’t deny the ‘anaphylactic reaction’ due to some preservative or reagents in blood or fluids.
“This is not a case of mismatched blood transfusion as we have already ruled out the possibility in our inquiry. There may be some preservative or reagent to which the patient’s body reacted this way. We are investigating further to know the specific cause of her deteriorating condition,” he said.
Dr Jan said the patient had been diagnosed with a liver disease, Hepatic Vein Cavernoma, and was advised blood transfusion.
“The patient received one pint of blood normally on Friday. But, she developed reacted on Sunday after one more pint was infused into her body. We probed the family’s claim but found that wrong blood was not infused,” he said.
“She is getting treatment for anaphylactic reaction and is responding well to the treatment. But, she is little unstable hemodynamically which is why we are monitoring her condition,” the MS added.