Bilal Dar will be sent back to school, assures Deputy Mayor

Bilal Dar will be sent back to school, assures Deputy Mayor
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SRINAGAR: Young environmentalist and Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s (SMC) brand ambassador Bilal Ahmad Dar will be sent to school in one week’s time, a day after Kashmir Reader reported how irresponsibly he was made to quit his education by an official of the SMC.
Srinagar Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran told Kashmir Reader that Bilal will be sent back to school in a week. This process has already been started, he said.
“I will speak to the head of the school where he was admitted earlier. I will also look for possibilities of a private education. Whichever will be accomplished earlier will be followed. I won’t tolerate injustice done to him,” he said.
Kashmir Reader had reported that Bilal Dar was appointed brand ambassador of SMC to inform people about segregation of waste at source. He was even admitted to a school which he had dropped out of due to poverty when he was in Class 5. He later began cleaning Wular lake, Asia’s largest freshwater lake, and his work featured in a documentary that brought him into prominence. He was handpicked by ex-SMC Commissioner Dr Shafqat Khan to be the municipality’s brand ambassador for environmental protection. Indian PM Narendra Modi also congratulated Bilal and called him an inspiration.
However, after Khan was removed was SMC Commissoner, Bilal was immediately asked to leave his school to attend to his brand ambassador ‘job’. He started attending office regularly, which he was not supposed to do, as he was engaged by SMC only to do cleanness promotion while pursuing his education.
“I have also written to SMC Commissioner to fix his honorarium, which he does not get on time. I have asked him to conduct an inquiry into the reasons that led him to drop out of school,” Imran added.
Bilal told Kashmir Reader that he had met the Deputy Mayor in his office and told him all the problems he faces in the SMC. He said he spends his honorarium on his family and on accommodation expenses, for which the honorarium is not enough. He said he has a widowed mother and a sister at home to look after. The appointment as brand ambassador by the SMC had revived his school education, he said, until it was again snatched away from him.