Bijbehara residents get muddy water to drink

Bijbehara residents get muddy water to drink
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Bijbehara: The residents, here in Bijbehara town of Anantnag, are forced to consume muddy water, full of physical impurities, as the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department of the town continues to be apathetic towards the plight of the general public.
Ironically, the town is home to two former Chief Minister’s-Late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti-and is considered to be home to their party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as well.
Moreover, the senior Mufti had been very concerned about the quality of water being provided to the general public and remained committed to providing clean drinking water.
It was during his tenure that the Bumzoo Water Supply Scheme in Anantnag, aimed at proving clean, filtered water to many parts of south Kashmir. That the water supply scheme developed a snag only after three months of the pompous inauguration is another story.
Like many parts of Anantnag district, the PHE in Bijbehara also claims to supply water to its residents through the Bumzoo Water supply Scheme.
“However, the truth is that, we are being forced to consume unfiltered, unclean water since a long time now,” Khursheed Ahmad, a resident told Kashmir Reader.
Many residents recently have been posting pictures of muddy water, being supplied to them over social media and have been expressing serious concern over the ever deteriorating situation.
“We have been time and again reminding the officials but to no avail,” other residents said.
The locals rue that their water storage tanks are half filled with mud and no treatment, whatsoever, at home makes the water fit for human consumption.
“We can remove other impurities by boiling the water but what about the mud present in it, it won’t just evaporate by boiling it,” the residents lament.
They say that the unclean water was making their children ill and in the longer run, ruining the health of the residents.
The claims of the residents, that they get unfiltered water, were reinforced by the Executive Engineer (Ex En) of the PHE in Bijbehara.
“It had rained in the upper reaches. That is why there were so many impurities in the water,” Ex En, Siraj Shah, told Kashmir Reader, subtly admitting that the water was not being filtered at all.
He said that the situation has been taken care of and the water quality will get better in a day or two.