Politicians Have No Sense of Honesty, Integrity and Ethics. They are there to Enrich Themselves

Politicians Have No Sense of Honesty, Integrity and Ethics. They are there to Enrich Themselves
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A good political leader is someone who serves as an example of integrity and loyalty to the people he or she represents. Good political leadership requires a combination of integrity and conscience, as well as the ability to assess a situation and make a decision based on what would be the best for the people
Now I will come to my point, let’s talk about politics of our Kashmir. Our politicians thump chests that honest and dedicated people are respected but, in reality , space has been tightened for the honest, loyal and dedicated ones in Kashmir thus in this way space becomes vast for those which are filled with bitterness, dishonesty, and all other ungainly themes. There are such various evidences from past that the one who enters into the door of politics doesn’t care for others, but only care for his own family to meet their desires and enrich themselves.
If I ask to someone that show me the party in the politics of Kashmir which respects honesty, loyalty and integrity than what will be his answer we all know. Obviously, no. When there is no such party in our Kashmir, than tell me for God’s sake why we vote to power those people which even doesn’t know the real meaning of honesty, loyalty and integrity.
In my opinion politics of Kashmir is attacked by virus which eliminates the character filled with honesty and infuses hate and bitterness into the hearts of people against each other. This heinous and dirty politics in our Kashmir has divided the people of Kashmir in segments. As there are different parties therefore, different people represent different parties.
During election campaigns, media brings reports of politicians promising moon in high sounding speeches but in the long run, there is nothing would be done as we have the evidence from past of our Kashmir. In the politics of Kashmir we have no values like honesty, loyalty, work is worship and truthfulness but in the boat of politics there are values like cheating, exploitation, black mailing, black money, delayed service delivery, bribery and how we can forget the corruption which is on the top are dominating work culture and are seen in our all fields in our Kashmir.
In my opinion the shameless creatures on this planet are politicians. Even they don’t have the sense of shame. All they want is power and they have nothing else to do with the people of Kashmir. When they come to power hence meet their wants and needs and do nothing for the people they represent. There is a lack of full commitment and dedication. Promises are made, only to break them. These promises which they make end in smoke.

—The author, from Gund Gushi, Kupwara can be reached at: meerarifdoc2000@gmail.com