Need for reimagining politics in state: Shah Faesal

Need for reimagining politics in state: Shah Faesal
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JKPM holds public meeting in Jammu

SRINAGAR: The senior leadership of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) headed by Dr Shah Faesal on Sunday held a public meeting at Hotel Ritz Narwal, Jammu in which various delegations including civil society organisations, youths organisations, students organisations and religious organisations of Jammu division participated.
There was an impressive turnout of people at the event where various speakers emphasised on the need of the brotherhood and bridging the developmental gap between the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, JKPM said in a statement issued here.
Shah Faesal in his speech underlined the need for reimagining the politics in the state and said that the basic amenities in the regions like Ladakh, Chenab Valley and Jammu region need to be ensured. “There should be a regime of justice and equality in which all the three regions of the state will feel empowered,” he said.
Dr Faesal informed that the JKPM is going to work on inter-regional connectivity between the three regions of the state. “The focus will be on the creation of alternative routes and tunnels for Leh Ladakh region in which Zojila tunnel will be a topmost priority,” he said adding that taking the transmission line, creating job opportunities and establishing a giving a high tech university in Leh Ladakh will be ensured.
Talking about Jammu, Dr Faesal said the region too needs special attention.
“Jammu is stable in terms of law and order but we have not been able to create adequate employment opportunities and even the scale of industrial development has been very low. We need to create special industrial development zones in Jammu region. Pir Panchal and Chenab Valley regions have special developmental needs and these regions deserve special attention,” he said.
Citing the need for reach-out in Kashmir, he said, “We have witnessed a double speak politics since ages where politicians say one thing in Kashmir and another thing in Jammu and that is the reason for the failure of mainstream politics.”
Dr Shah Faesal underlined the need for reviving the bonds of brotherhood and interdependencies between the regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on the basis of trade and business so that the divide between these regions can be abridged.
While addressing the people, JKPM patron Javed Mustafa Mir emphasised the need for public participation for taking the message of the party so that the new vision can be implemented.