Education Must be Holistic, Integrative and Immersive

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Peer Faizan Bashir

Education is regarded to be the most important thing in life. Its importance can be seen the way it transforms our lives, develops our psyche and much more. Every parent gets his children admitted in schools. However, what the children are taught by teachers at times ruins their careers and makes them doltish and dull-witted.
It happens in the case of ‘rote learning’ that a substantial number of teachers practice and thrust upon every child in schools. The day a student gets admitted in the school, he/she is directed to ‘memorize and memorize’ words, sentences, paragraphs, essays etcetera in order to get through the exams. Students who achieve more than eighty percent marks using this method are considered to be the brightest: I have been one, chirping like a bird, but comprehending and analysing things very little.
It continued throughout my schooling, and much later I began realizing that nearly fifteen years have been wasted in ‘rote learning, cramming, mugging up and remembering answers’ while I lacked the real development, inquisitiveness and appetite triggered by real education.
Teaching-learning process has undergone tremendous changes, and there are better templates available now than the old-fashioned ‘Rote learning’. More and more successful schools, colleges and universities have adopted contemplative and immersive modules of learning. We must also switch over.

‘—The author hails from Downtown Srinagar and is pursuing his undergraduate studies. He can be reached