On the Special Role of Nurses in Society

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Tawfeeq Irshad Mir

Every individual, every section, every organization has a role to play towards the better future of their respective societies. Likewise nurses also have multi-spatial responsibilities to contribute to change towards better health outcomes. In Kashmir, nurses are fighting a long battle for their endeavors, have travelled miles to eventually make their present felt in the health sector.
There is a strong relationship between nurses and the chronology, epidemiology, onset, appearance, anatomy and physiology related physic-mental health of Kashmir. Now, what are the expected issues, a nurse is supposed to mitigate.
Now Kashmir has got many nursing colleges, some offering graduation in nursing, mostly government run colleges. The nurses are fully acquainted with the anatomy and physiology of normal eye and the problems associated with eyes and their management and care. They are fully aware about traumatic injuries to eyes, and their course of action to mitigate the sufferings and further complications. “When a pellet victim arrives at hospital, the circumstances under which the victim is brought to the hospital are difficult for the victim, the victim’s emotions are high, might be frightened, the fear is obvious on victim’s face, fear of losing eye sight and many other problems associated with eye injury. A nurse is supposed to receive the pellet victim, with full generosity and respect. They should offer the victim, the level of his/her comfort, assuring the victim, that after entering the health care arena, you are not a victim now, instead you are our guest now and we are supposed to take care of you. A nurse has to provide feasible environment to the victim, allowing him or her to ventilate his or her feelings securing the dignity of the victim, restoring the victims’ normal vision in collaboration with other health care professionals.
According to latest reports, many people in Kashmir are suffering from chronic stress disorder. They are diagnosed behavioral and personality disorders. Nurses being primary care givers can induce a major jolt to this acute problem. They are fully equipped with knowledge related to possible signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Community health nurses have a special role to play that can identify persons with such disorders, earlier and can refer them to the clinical arena for treatment.
Nurses can also educate people regarding stress managing techniques and ensure their participation on healthy exercises. They can also impart knowledge regarding healthy life practices, the use of healthy foods and abandoning disastrous foods. Nurses can also help in getting youth rid of the menace of drug addition by identifying the factors that are pushing our youth towards this futile and scourge. A nurse will try to modulate the environment, an environment of comfort.

—The author is pursuing BsC Honors in Nursing from the GMC. He can be reached at: