Clubbing of polling stations a reckless decision: Sagar

Clubbing of polling stations a reckless decision: Sagar
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Slams ban on JKLF

Srinagar: The National Conference general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Saturday expressed dismay over the clubbing of polling stations, saying that it is a reckless decision that will lessen the chances of widespread participation of people especially in the remote areas.
“Polling stations should be established at their previous places. How will people travel long distances to cast their votes? The climatic conditions during early and late spring periods are mostly rainy,” Sagar said while addressing the party functionaries of Srinagar-Bugdam parliamentary constituency here, according to the statement.
While exuding confidence into the party functionaries and workers, Sagar said, “Forces as inimical to the special constitutional status of our state will try their level best to go to any extent to weaken the voice of Kashmiris. The forthcoming election is of great importance to us, it provides us with an opportunity to show how passionately we care for our identity and unique status,” adding, “The communal forces of the country have a singular agenda in mind, which is to weaken our special status. However, it is up to people now to not allow them to succeed in their designs. The communal forces will try to use government machinery; money and muscle to influence the elections. Their trojan horses and cronies in the state especially in Kashmir will leave no stone unturned to divide the voice of people. However, I am sure that people have made it a point not to fall prey to their evil designs. The forthcoming elections provide us with an opportunity to clean the country and the state of the communal yolk.”
While referring to the ban and arrest spree in Kashmir, Sagar said, “JKLF has renounced violence in the early nineties. The ban will inadvertently close the space for peaceful dissent. The very timing of banning various socio-political organizations casts a shadow on the intent of present BJP led central government. National Conference from day one believes in the institution of dialogue and debate. We as a party principally don’t believe in banning ideologies and groups; however, we believe that by putting up counter-narrative through discussion, debate affords a way forward in this direction.”
While addressing the meet, the party’s provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani asked National Conference functionaries and workers to gear up and put in their efforts to make the party stronger at grassroots. “It is the youth that has to shoulder the responsibility of guarding the unique status of the state. The ensuing general elections are of supreme importance because it will decide the recourse of the state and country at large for the next half a decade. So it is rather imperative for us to have a voice that could raise our issues in the parliament, for that we have to strengthen the efforts of NC president.”
“Today we have National Conference versus all those forces as are hell bent to destroy our special character. The need of the hour demands us to forge unity and trounce the machinations of all those forces as are contriving to destroy our special status and unique identity,” he added.
Senior leader Mian Altaf said, “Parties that are mushrooming every now, are here to implement the agenda of those forces as are inimical to the interests and integrity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We as the oldest dispensation of the state owe a sense of responsibility to all. We will continue to work for all sections of our state. Our idea of development is inclusive.”
Meanwhile, general secretary condemned gutting of several houses and cowshed following an encounter in Shopian.