Wrong and Unethical!

Wrong and Unethical!
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Doctors are required to take the Hippocratic Oath which binds them to a code of honor and ethics , all in the service of mankind. This very fact besides the nature of the medical profession makes it a noble one. But, alas, in Kashmir and perhaps even elsewhere, the medical profession and many of those practicing it has degenerated into a quest for lucre and money. This is perhaps best reflected in the mushrooming of private medical practice and the exorbitant fees charged by many doctors and also the fleeing of some practitioners of medicine to greener pastures after the complete their degrees. The height of the hypocrisy and double standards involved here is that some apply for and after getting government jobs escape Kashmir, all in the quest for money. All this is not highly condemnable but also jarringly hypocritical. These odious practices must be stopped and checked in earnest. But, broadly speaking, if the medics’ in contention sole and whole aim is minting money then there are other professions and career choices that lend themselves to this goal. Why then make money out of peoples’ miseries?  The answer pertains to both individual choices and the premium that society attaches to the medical profession. This has a searing resonance in the context of Kashmir where high prestige and respect is accorded to the medical profession and doctors thereof. This not only incentivizes people to take up the profession but also makes it lucrative, among other things. But, then some doctors take undue advantage of all this and render the profession and the services thereof ignoble. Here society must take a call and actually make doctors accountable to it. It is only when there is accountability both of choice and the concomitant nature of the medical profession itself and those who make it a career choice that there will be some sense, sensibility and proportion to it. By and large, there is nothing wrong in making money as long as it is done ethically, morally and with due proportion. But, making a career choice that actually is in the nature of service to humanity but rendering it into a money making machine is wrong. It is therefore high time that people who want to go into the medical profession and those who are practicing it actually introspect, review and think deeply before taking the plunge. And, last, society must, to repeat, imbue accountability to or for both!

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