Notes on Moral and Ethical Regeneration of Youth

Notes on Moral and Ethical Regeneration of Youth
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A few days ago while I was for an evening walk, ahead of me was a school uniform wearing boy in his late teens on his phone. Behind me was a middle-aged man most probably had come out from his home like me to ease his mind from routine schedules. As both of us reached much nearer to the school going boy, we were both shocked to hear the words the boy was yelling at the person on the other end of the call. The elocution of him in calling bad names as much as he could tempted the middle- aged man to interrupt the boy saying “Gobra naebri kaen cha yith paeth kath karaan” (My dear, is this the way you talk in public) to which the boy confidently replied, “uncle ji jamuriyat chu naav boozmut zanh” (uncle, have you ever heard the name of democracy). Sensing his respect is at stake in front of me and some female bystanders who were curious about the encounter by now, he walked swiftly to avoid any further aggravation of the scene by the constitution-knowing lad. Astonished as well as confused what “jamuriyat” actually means, I also left the scene. The tone of his voice was indicating that the boy was certainly talking to the female gender.
Some women tried to stop the law-knowing boy but somehow managed to keep mum in view of the previous encounter. On reaching home, I was so much curious about the latest definition of “jamuriyat” in the lexicon that I instantly googled it but there was none.
Recalling the sorry scene, I felt sorry for the middle-aged man who tried to break the rhythm of the boy and at the same time felt lucky to not have participated in the confrontation else I would have been manhandled by the persuasive boy keeping in view my age and his degree of rage which even didn’t allow even the women bystanders to react.
A society in which ethics, respect and morals reverberates among its members always progresses in a positive way. The traits get transferred to the next generation when current generation follows and expresses the traits very well. On the other hand, if in a society, immorality, chaos and irrelevance get entangled in the members, that society is sure to perish. We all must have heard what was scenario before, the City of Pompei turned into city of ashes along with all its members, reason being the immorality embedded in their societal setup.
Losing as well as developing ethics, culture and mutual-understanding between the consecutive generations is a long process and in this process; fortunately , the government has got little role to play in it and whole of the responsibility is on the society itself. Infusion of morality and moral development has to be done by the society itself. The first and foremost attempt in this regard must be from home- by the parents and elders to educate the young about the respect of elders, way of life according to the laws enshrined in the Holy Quran, principles of spending life as was spent by our Prophet (PBUH). Earlier, it was also a collective approach of the society when walking past was avoided due to fear that the mischief would not be tolerated by the parents if they ever came to know. They present generation call it development and freedom of will. Is it the sign of progress and prosperity not to allow our seniors educate us , at least, the manners, legacy of respecting elders and basic ethics only because we are mature enough to be guided by them!
Man has landed on moon, but is unaware of his neighbour. He has developed new effective medicines but is still struggling from Functional Syndrome. He has made available all the latest facilities to his family but is still suffering from Bystanders Syndrome. He has found out the ill-effects of the overuse of natural resources but is still reluctant to limit its exploitation. Today, science defends the fact that there is a natural balance among various components in the environment and if there is any disturbance in the same, the whole world will come to an end. Scientists recently said if nuclear explosions slightly shake the position of the earth by few degrees, the physical forces linked with its rotation and revolution will be affected and there will be a disaster owing to change in day-night duration, seasons, climates and so on.
The onus is only on us. It is better late than never. Religious sermons should be more youth-centric. If a person is doing wrong, let us educate him in a comfortable and polite way. Youth are considered to be the torch-bearers of the nation. It were the same youth which irrespective of their personal greed were at the forefront to save human life as well as offering helping hand to everyone in need during the September 2014 deluge. Why the same youth can’t be the symbol of dignity, ethics and high standards of life. There is an urgent need to ponder over it.

—The author is studying Geo-Technical Engineering from Kurukshetra University. He can be reached at: