Children’s First Day at School is Very Important. Do not Take it Lightly. Be Supportive

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
One of the primary duty of man is  to demonstrate his love, mercy and affection towards his children so that they will grow up into confident citizens, positive human beings and acquire high level of self esteem.
Man should be involving in the habit of love with his children, treating them with kindness, cracking jokes as much as he can wherever he finds opportunity so that their hearts will be fulfilled with happiness.
As father a man keeps his eyes open to make his children morally good and wants them to shine in the future. He knows   that in the modern era reading and writing are prerequisites to develop his children into noble souls.
Without education, the children become beastly, ill behaved and ill mannered. Parents don’t  want their children i watching TV all day, hang around with undesirable friends, go to unsuitable places or take up bad  habits like smoking or wasting time in forbidden games or other activities.
Apart from parental care children need to be sent to school for nurturing them into better and good persons. Reading books at school can broaden their mind, build personalities and offering them as good examples of social beings in the society. School can also guide them in a good ways to avoid the activities which can be destructive to their life or disorient them.
Keep in view the children are future of tomorrow, they can be pillars  where they can lift the foundation of nation to higher skies, society finds them as tomorrow’s good citizens, teachers, professors, doctors and so on;  so having a positive eye over them will definitely bring such kind of laurels.
When it comes in discussion, the first day of a child it seems they are sent to jails as it is going through a mixture of emotions  and anxieties. They are looking in broken health, crying, shedding tears, sighing heavily, looking panic and holding their mothers firmly without letting them alone. Gradually adjusting to the new environment of children they get settled and perceiving every situation of the school. They stick to school work in reading and writing when teachers give a free hand  to them to do so. Some children are looking snappy and they take longer time to adjust in the school; behind them it needs hard efforts and calmness from teachers side to calm down and settle them on  their usual school work.
After mixture of tears and emotional break ups the children settle down easily and  enjoy the company of other children. Initially, definitely they may be looking imprisoned and dizzy in taking part in school activities, direly waiting for bells to ring, stick their eyes on door when peon will call them out for returning home and even they are calculating the days when their holidays will return.
Toddlers and preschoolers start preschool like this but to overcome
These effects, prepare your children school and motivate them about the fruits of reading and writing and unfold their future goals.
Also introduce your children to common school activities, such as drawing pictures or storytelling which looks more interesting and visit few times before school starts to familiarize them.
Try to minimize your fears as well as your children. If you feel guilty or worried about leaving them at school, your children will also probably sense that, this will leave your children less confident, nervous and misdirected to future goals.
—The author is a PhD scholar from Kuchmullah, Tral. He can be reached at: