Factors Pregnant With Consternation

Factors Pregnant With Consternation
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Dr. Arshed Iqbal Dar

At one time, anthropologists might have told us that a human being is a tool-making animal, but that is simply a rough description. None of us would be ready to say, “All right, I am a tool making animal, and that’s that. The rest of me you can have. From now on, I will make tools. My family is irrelevant, my pains and complexes are irrelevant, my love and hates are irrelevant. Take it all!” Of course, we could not give away the rest even if we wanted to. And we still do not know what we are. Each day, if you pay close attention, you will find new facets to your own existence.
When people know that they do not know, this is called simple ignorance. In contrast, when they do not know that they do not know, this is called compound ignorance. If we, as intelligent human beings, adapt a self-centred approach to life and constantly try to use others for our own self-interests, we may gain temporary benefits, but in long run we will not succeed in achieving even personal happiness, and world peace will be completely out of the question. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected or globalized, the importance of understanding and trying to respect cultural and physical differences becomes necessary. Scientists tell us that the world of nature is so small and interdependent that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon rainforest can generate a violent storm on the other side of the earth. This principle is known as the “Butterfly Effect”. Today, we realize, perhaps more than ever, that the world of human activity also has its own “Butterfly Effect”-for better or for worse. You know, the provision of every felicity is knowledge and certainty, while the root of every wretchedness is doubt and ignorance. In the present scenario, we are in the midst of storm, our deeds have turned everything profound into profane. Woodrow Wilson quotes “We are citizens of the world. The tragedy is that we do not know this.” Ignorance can cause people to go to war, and war with modern weapons of mass destruction can kill more people than ever before.
Day and Night, we are in quest of peace and in one perspective, peace is a state, where Sufferer-Suffering-Suffer-Village-Globe and rest of the Universe become one. Each individual factor plays a pivotal role in its fruitful expression and remodeling of any single factor will result in ferocity, inhumanity and hoo-ha. Unfortunately, the people of Kashmir are so hooked onto marks, which are a pathetic state of affairs, where, the people appear to have lost focus and a sense of belonging to the region. Psychological injury imprinted on the minds of the victims due to the mutation of peace factors demands stable structure of peace and nothing else. A lot of factors are pregnant with catastrophe, some digital directors and producers are facilitating this catastrophe by digital politics with digital lies. Some factors want to settle every score and some are following the mantra to take the attack home. Some are cultivating the seeds of war and some are bombing onto the humans of war. Some are video casting, this is a trailer and some are broadcasting the movie is not over yet. It seems, they have lost touch with their humanity and lost sight of things that matter the most. Fact is that my home is dying invisibly in ones and twos.
Peace can’t be achieved without bringing the pieces together. These pieces depict peace factors which are totally in disarray and dire need is to find out where the obstacles are sooner rather than later. Accusations and counter-accusations, digital politics and digital lies must be replaced with the resolution of the nuclear issue which lies in the resolution of Kashmir issue. All the factors, pregnant with catastrophe, must think logically, analytically, and critically about the explosive disagreement and the humans of war. Oriental metaphysics believes that reality is always more profound than what appears on the surface and the essential fact which we should acknowledge in our conscience, and which we should have acknowledged a long time ago, is that we are becoming inhuman to the extent that we become superman
Last but not least, the people of Jammu & Kashmir, like most people, are by their nature peaceful. History testifies to the fact they don’t seek war, and don’t want to see their children die in a bloody conflict. They seek and would welcome a peaceful and negotiated settlement to the crises for the sake of peace and only peace in Jammu and Kashmir. Hope, better sense of peace prevails and all the factors coax India and Pakistan to begin dialogue.

—The author is an Assistant Professor at the Government Degree College Sumbal, Sonawari.
He can be reached at: drarshediqbal@gmail.com