Kashmir Inc calls shutdown today to protest ban on Jama’at

Kashmir Inc calls shutdown today to protest ban on Jama’at
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Srinagar: Kashmir’s trade and industry organisations together called for a shutdown on Tuesday to protest the Indian government’s ban on Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu & Kashmir and recently applied Indian Constitutional amendments to the state of J&K.
The call for the shutdown has been jointly given by the Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), the Federation of Chambers of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), the Kashmir Transporters Association, and the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), besides other trade bodies.
Addressing a joint press conference at a local hotel in Srinagar on Monday, KEA and KTMF chairman Muhammed Khan said that Kashmir valley will observe a shutdown against the “nefarious decisions of the government (of India).”
“Recently the Home Ministry of India has banned the Jama’at-e-Islami. The Jama’at is not only a religious organisation but has been working mainly for the cause of humanity, welfare of orphans and poor people and of the society,” Khan said
“Jama’at has done exemplary work during all humanitarian crises including the 2005 earthquake and the 2014 floods in Kashmir valley,” he said.
Khan condemned the ban on Jama’at-e-Islami and asked the Home Ministry of India to revoke this ban at the soonest.
He also said that “confusion are been created in the minds of the people of Jammu and Kashmir that attempts were being made to revoke Article 35 A and Article 370 which give special status to J&K. The people of the state do not want Article 35 A and Article 370 to be removed.”
He said that the business community does not want shutdowns but has been forced to call for one to defend itself. “The situation of the valley has affected the tourism sector, business, transport, industries and horticulture. We were waiting for the tourism season for every sector of the valley to start work properly,” Khan said. “We did not want the law and order of the state to remain disturbed. We want peace to come in the state. We have been taking loans from banks to run our business. We never want Kashmir to remain shut down.”
He added that the harassment of Kashmiri people outside the valley has now stopped. He appreciated the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he said, “Our fight is not with Kashmiri people.”