563 languishing projects costing approved for funding

563 languishing projects costing approved for funding
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2206 projects with cumulative investment of Rs 5323 cr cleared till date

JAMMU: The High-Powered Committee (HPC) on languishing projects chaired by Principal Secretary Finance, Navin K Chaudhary approved fresh lot of 563 projects for time-bound completion involving an investment of whopping Rs 1692.12 crore on Monday.
The HPC, constituted by the Governor’s administration for clearing languishing and key infrastructure projects, has in its six meetings till date approved 2206 projects with a cumulative investment of Rs 5323.48 crore for funding through Jammu and Kashmir infrastructure Development Corporation (JKIDFC).
The projects approved for funding at the 6th meeting of the HPC today include 7 projects of Agriculture Production Department costing Rs 21.22crores, one project of Estates Department costing Rs 72.60crores, 2 projects of Floriculture Department costing Rs 12.49 crores, 15 projects of Health & Medical Education costing Rs 126.60 crore, 31projects of Higher Education Department costing Rs 151.57crores, 2 projects of Housing& Urban Development costing Rs 78.30 crores, 41 projects of Industries and Commerce costing Rs 210 crores, one project of Information Department costing Rs 2.08 crores,97 projects of Ladakh Affairs Department costing Rs 305.55 crores, 116 projects of Public Works (R&B) Department costing Rs315.47 crores, 35 projects of Power Development Department worth Rs 36.78 crores, 73 projects of Rural Development Department costing Rs 17.70 crores, 58 projects of School Education Department costing Rs58.58 crores, 22 projects of Technical Education Department costing Rs17.28 crores and 62 projects Youth Services & Sports Department worth Rs 265.88 crores.
Speaking at the meeting Navin said that all the projects funded through JKIDFC will be geo-tagged and photographs of each project will be uploaded by the concerned Departments on their official website for the purpose of public scrutiny. “An online transparent payment mechanism is also being developed by JKIDFC to ensure smooth execution of the projects,” he said.
He said the projects which could not be considered in today’s meeting due to procedural lacunas, would be taken up in the next meeting provided all the formalities are completed by the concerned Administrative Departments.