Geelani, Hurriyat (M), Sehrai condemn crackdown on pro-freedom camp

Geelani, Hurriyat (M), Sehrai condemn crackdown on pro-freedom camp
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Srinagar: Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, Hurriyat (M) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) chief Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai on Sunday condemned the crackdown on resistance camp, and in a statement termed the present situation in Kashmir as “serious and explosive”.
“Our nation is struggling for the last 7 decades and whosoever chooses the path of righteousness and justice, are not alien to the jails and curbs,” Geelani said in a statement.
He said that “our just struggle has been crushed leading to sorrow and painful tales of death and destruction all around. But by the grace of Almighty every sincere and dedicated soul has come out stronger by these mean and coercive actions”.
Commenting on the Modi’s statement that “our fight is not against Kashmiris”, Hurriyat (G) chairman said that “just after the Pulwama attack, horror and hatred against Kashmiris reached its crescendo with the ‘free hand statements’.”
He said: “Such blunt lie can only come from the experts in deceit, who despite print, electronic and social media footage, despite valley numbered vehicles burned in front of their owners in Jammu, rulers are intoxicated by the morphine of pseudo nationalism, very brazenly and bluntly publically dare to issue such statements.”
The pro-freedom leader said that we are passing through very difficult and chaotic phase and we all need to strengthen our faith, and with the golden principles of mutual trust and brotherhood, courage and steadfastness—“we shall overcome any eventuality no matter how distressing that may be and we will get to our goal sooner or later. Insha Allah”.
Meanwhile, Hurriyat (G) condemned the arrest of its General Secretary Gh. Nabi Sumji, Mohammad Yaseen Aataie and Syed Imtiyaz Haider and said that unending and continuous arrest spree indicates “frustration on the part of India and it has waged war against the whole population”.
Hurriyat (M) in a statement said that “the forces have been given a free hand to instill fear and create a suffocating atmosphere across the Valley leaving people in shock and despair”.
The spokesperson denounced the crackdown, mass arrests and continued nocturnal raids across Kashmir and slammed the arrest of resistance leaders Muhammad Yasin Malik, Ameer-e-Jamaaat Hameed Fayaz and dozens of other Jama’at leaders.
“By resorting to arbitrary and illegal arrests , detentions intimidation and restrictions the rulers will not achieve anything as in the past, nor will it force the people of Kashmir into submission,” he said.
The Hurriyat (M) also condemned the house arrest of its former chairman, Abdul Ghani Bhat.
The pro-freedom party termed the crackdown and mass arrests of resistance and socio- religious leaders across Kashmir as “vindictiveness” of the government and stated that “these repressive measures is aimed at instilling fear among the common masses and among those peacefully pursuing their struggle for resolution of the Kashmir dispute”.
The amalgam reiterated that the lingering Kashmir dispute is the main reason of tension between the two nuclear powers, and “that as long as the issues remains unresolved, there will always be mistrust and threats of war will always loom over the region and peace would always be elusive”.
The Hurriyat (M) warned of any tinkering with the State’s hereditary State subject law, Article 35-A, stating that “the move aimed at tampering with the law is fraught with dangerous consequences as the people of all the three regions of the state are united and stand together and will not allow any change in it at any cost”.
The TeH chief Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai condemned the arrest spree in Kashmir, and said that massive crackdown against Jama’at-e-Islami leaders, activists and others is “unjustified and undemocratic”.
In a statement, Sehrai said: “Such actions have created a sense of insecurity and chaos in Kashmir.”
He urged the government to stop arrest spree, and release all the detained leaders.
“Force and intimidation will only worsen the situation,” TeH chairman said, adding, “Choking political space is undemocratic and caging peaceful political leadership will only yield anarchy and chaos.”