Women’s commission headless since June

Women’s commission headless since June
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SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir State Women Commission (SWC) is headless after the last chairperson stepped down with the fall of PDP-BJP government in the state in June 2018.
With the commission remaining headless, it had also become nearly non-functional.
“The women victims have been left in a dilemma, they (women) don’t know where to complain, and moreover, there is no one to listen to their grievances,” a lawyer said.
An official with the commission, who did not wish to be named, said that without a head, the officials aren’t “able to exercise administrative as well as financial powers to ensure its smooth day-to-day functioning”.
“The commission has been fighting many cases but since June last year, SWC has not been following any of its cases. We only register cases that require a court hearing, such as domestic violence and marital disputes. All others are forwarded to the authorities concerned and not registered here,” the official said.
This is not the first time that the commission has remained headless. “In the past too, it was without chairperson for seven years upto 2010,” the official said
The mandate of the Commission is to act as a nodal agency for the grievance redressal of women
“Nothing can be said about how long this Commission will remain headless. Victims are facing many problems as their hearing are deferred, they came many times in this office but they go back, what can we do , without commission we cannot do anything,” he further added Muskaan Farooq, a victim, said that she filed harassment case at the commission on June 26.
“I have to come for hearing but before my case could be solved the chairperson of the commission resigned,” Muskaan said.
“I don’t how much I have to wait now, once in a month I am visiting the department but from last many months nothing has been done, here officials are not doing anything it seems that the whole department depends on only one person,” she added.
The Commission is a statutory body that was set up in March 2000 under State Commission for Women Act, 1999.