War is No Solution. It Compounds Miseries

War is No Solution. It Compounds Miseries
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Mohammed Ashraf

The conflict in Kashmir and incidents thereof of violence in Kashmir are not new or novel. These incidents have been taking place here since three decades. Every Kashmiri suffered either directly or indirectly. We have a good population of orphan children. We have a good number of maimed persons. And, we have a good chunk of widowed and half widowed population.
The Kashmir issue is a bone of contention between two neighbors – India and Pakistan .There have been skirmishes between the two on many times. In these skirmishes it’s the common Kashmiri who bears the brunt. It is Kashmir which gets trampled whenever these two bulls lock their horns.
In the aftermath of the backlash generated by the Pulwama incident, many Kashmiri students were ruthlessly beaten. Many were suspended from educational institutions. Some even lost their jobs. Many Kashmiris , who were resident outside in connection with their business got a big jolt. Whatever perception, the people have there, in their minds, regarding Kashmiris but the fact is that the people of Kashmir have been non violent since times immemorial. Even Sir Walter Lawrence admitted in his book “Valley of Kashmir” that the people of Kashmir are non violent rather timid. Even the recent report on crimes perpetrated against foreigners showed our state having zero crime rate against them. We have been non violent to outsiders as well. The hospitability of Kashmiris is famous throughout the globe.
It’s high time for both India and Pakistan that they have to be on the negotiating table for solving this chronic issue. The developed countries from whom these countries buy arms and ammunition will never wish that the Kashmir issue should be solved as it proves for them a big market. Both the countries spend a lot in procuring latest weaponry at the cost of their domestic development. Both the countries have the problems of mal nutrition, child mortality, health care, unemployment, poverty, etc. Thus it’s ripe time for both the countries that avenues for peace and harmony must be created. It’s crystal clear that if the Kashmir issue is resolved then both the countries will become developed economies of the world.
Those who shout from their cozy chambers that a war must be waged against Pakistan must understand that war is not the final solution of any problem. War means adding to one’s own miseries and difficulties. If North Korea and South Korea can come forward and settle their disputes, why can’t India and Pakistan? If North Korea and the USA can come close to each other why can’t the two? It is incumbent on both the nations that they must give peace a chance to prevail.

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