Video circulated on social media ‘doctored’: Deputy Mayor

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Srinagar: Deputy Mayor Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Shiekh Imran on Tuesday said viral video circulated on social media is ‘fabricated and doctored’.
“There is a deep conspiracy against me by led by Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu,” Imran said in a statement issued here.
Imran urged Governor Satyapal Malik and other inquiry agencies to investigate the matter and punish the guilty.
“I have condemned every attack in which we have lost people and will go any table for the dialogue and peace process,” he said.
Imran said he has contested elections against all odds. “And if he is being labelled as anti-national will not be tolerated anymore,” he said.
He said that elections are nearer and these kinds of things are expected by the people.
“Some BJP politician has circulated the doctored video on social media,” he said.
“I will still work for my people and believe in conventional politics. I will live, die for my people and will not succumb by these things,” he said adding that some people have come to ‘loot’ SMC.
“Since then, I am elected as Deputy Mayor Srinagar, Junaid Azim Mattu and his Co are trying to attack on me. For fighting against corrupt system I am being targeted,” he said.
Imran said that the people elected him and he stands with them. “From the longtime Junaid Mattu is conspiring against me because he is jealous by my popularity among people,” he said.