A To Do List for People

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Kashmir and Kashmiris are passing through a difficult phase of history. Some things need urgently to be done so that a proper strategy is devised and implemented to make life livable and end the hardships. Here are my ten points that can become part of that strategy:

1.Introspection: Everything must begin with introspection, making a self analysis where we are wrong and what are our advantages. It is never bad to accept ones limitations, if they are there the first thing to do is to go correcting them.

2.Knowledge: Knowledge here means the knowledge of the world, world history including, where every attempt should be made to know the other people, cultures and the nations with special emphasis on the way relations are conducted among the nations. We act as individuals and think that nations also act in the same way which is never the case.


3.Dynamicity: Once we are laced with the knowledge, we must be ever ready to adopt all the good things from the outside people and the cultures. There is no shame in that and this should be coupled with promoting the cultural practices and knowledge of our history so that they are adopted and valued elsewhere. This will increase the pitch and volume of our voice.

4.Less talk more work: Kashmiris , basically, are peace loving people, there is hardly any person, or practice, who is inclined or motivated towards violence. However, we unwittingly at times end up talking violence. Other people take that as our only trait and make it as a basis torturing and hurting us. So, less talk and more work towards achieving our individual and collective goals of peace need to be approach.

5.Ambassadors of Kashmir: Each one of us should act as an ambassador of Kashmir to make the people of the world to connect with Kashmir. Many of us have the tendency to present Kashmir and her people in poor light; they highlight even the minutest of the aberration and overlook all the good things that Kashmir and Kashmiris possess. There is no nation where there are no bad people and corrupt practices, when they feel proud about their nations why are we not doing the same thing. We have much more to celebrate and feel proud about our society.

6.Definition and descriptions of our goals: If we want something we should be able to put that in black and white and we should be clearly about to describe about what actually we want to achieve and how it in the interest of all.

7. Shunning the begging syndrome: Some where we are suffering with a begging syndrome, it is not that we beg but we feel that we are begging even when we are working hard to earn our livelihood. In the modern world service product has acquired a prominence and no one in this state is getting things without any service. When it is said to us that we are beggars and entirely dependent on the others, we fail realize that it is not the case.

8. Solution based approach: We have discussed problems for too long but the problems adamantly refuse to go. The reason behind this is that most of the time we discuss problems only, without giving a thought to the solutions. Time is to frame and form viable solutions to the problems. The solutions may initially be immature and they may seem childish but once the solutions proposed by people are reconciled there would be no problem that is not supplied with a solution.

9. Self sufficiency and self reliance: Last but not the least is self sufficiency and self reliance. Self- sufficiency I would have mentioned at the beginning because it is utmost important for the sustenance and existence of a society. However, all the aforementioned points someway or other are related with self sufficiency and self reliance. Self sufficiency and self reliance only is the way which can aid us to pass though all the difficult times, without them everything else is uncertain and nothing really can be aspired for. It must begin with that of food or the items against which we can get food items exchanged and it must be that of adequate educational institutions so that we are not compelled to send our children outside the state to get education.

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