Drug Addiction Equals the Shadow of Death. Stop it Now!

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By Mudasir Lone

Have you ever thought about it that Almighty Allah clearly in the highly esteemed book, the Quran mentions that “we as superior over all other species as we have a piece of mind; that means we can react to the world in a sensible way”. We, on this landmass, are called as the society generators, building blocks, and the sole asset to shape the society in a manner as per demand. But, currently what we are viewing is a society under drug addiction, especially its youth segment. It demands a quick positive sign of social shaping, bodies to get purified.
Drug imprecisely means “any harming agent that puts on adverse effects on ones physical structure and , at the end let , him or her to die in that addiction”. Addiction comes in numerous ways. Neither we have right to harm ourselves nor our society because all that Gettable is of Almighty Allah we as humans must be aware we have to submit our souls before the Creator, the only supreme reality. What is a drug? Any medicine or any other substantial thing having a psychological effect when injected or taken otherwise
Say no to drugs!
Reduce drug demand through education, awareness and preventing over prescription; save lives by expanding opportunities. Addiction has a definite impact on ones manners too as due to some bad activities one is getting corrupted. These bad activists and activities lead society toward danger and darkness.
As per Quran one who is proving harmful to the society has to change his/her behavior of reacting with the nature otherwise he/she may have to be ready for the oddness they are having with the society nature and the physical atmosphere of the world.
Drug addiction has a great impact on our moral behavior. We are viewing the good winding gaps between a full of moral behavioral society, nation and unbehavioral one all is due the activities of being addicted to drugs. We have no right in distracting the nature society and world as it is clearly belonging to Almighty Allah; we are only here to safeguard, and beneficial agents for this if we can benefit anyway and to keep this world safe and away from drugs. We have to be cautious.. One who is a drug addict is never a beneficial one for none because he /she is not in a real state of his/her life because of daily drug usage. A drug inhaler is not inhaling the taste but she or he inhales the shadow of death.
Society, at the lower level, and countries, at the higher levels, must make and take the controlling initiatives to contain and maintain social order. Stand with the purest nature; give up drugs as they never maintain your health and never play the role in shaping the world towards the brighter side.

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