JK students being taken care of: Div Com

JK students being taken care of: Div Com
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SRINAGAR: The Divisional administration in Kashmir Sunday said that it is responding to calls from Kashmiri students in Indian states, and taking immediate steps be getting in touch with local administration of respective places.
A statement issued by the Divisional Commissioner’s office said that various calls were received from Kashmiri students from outside states which were immediately taken care of.
“The whole state administration is in constant touch with the administration of those areas from where calls are received and a regular report/feedback is obtained about the well being Kashmiri students and people,” the statement said.
The statement said that some students from Anantnag (Aqib Manzoor and others) were stranded at Yamuna Nagar Haryana, and an armyman Manzoor Ahmed, informed about this, after which the administration go in touch with them and facilitated their onward journey through police station Yamuna Nagar.
Some Kashmiri shawl traders, and students are facing problems in Jawali in district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh. The statement said that the administration got in touch with the local police and are trying to sort out their problem regarding accommodation and security.
In another case, the office said, they have managed to accommodate 104 Kashmiri students in three hostels of Maharishi Narkendeshwar, Mullana University, Ambala Haryana.
“We were contacted by these students, as they were staying as PGs outside, and were apprehending trouble, in lieu of some circulated videos in social media. – All three hostels are, now, well guarded by the police, which has been confirmed by the local SHO and also the concerned students, who are satisfied!,” the statement said.
The statement added that they are being contacted by some students, studying at Shudwala, Dehradun – BFIT College, Uttarakhand.
“Students are fine, but desire to be shifted to a safe place !- We’re managing their safety, as well,” it said.
The administration said that Dean of College, Baba Farid Inst of Tech Dehradun, Dr Chibber and Principal Dr Aslam have told them that everything is fine inside the college campus where they have 250 Kashmiri students and have assured that in case the students who are staying outside have any problems they can be accommodated temporarily in hostels.
Further SHO PS Premnagar, Dehradun, Narender Gahlawat has confirmed that as per his information no untoward incident has happened so far and the situation is normal.
“In case any student is facing any problem he can directly call SHO (mobile – 9411112188). This number has been given to the student representative as well and has been told to circulate this further.”
Some Kashmiris have also been accommodated in Kashmir house Chanakya Puri New Delhi, the Divisional Administration said while assuring that due cognizance is taken about each and every call.
“The Administration assures people that there is nothing to worry. Moreover, people shall not pay heed to any rumours and instead shall contact administration,” it added.