Omar congratulates people of Kargil for securing divisional headquarters

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Srinagar: The National Conference vice president, Omar Abdullah on Saturday congratulated the people of Kargil for their victory in securing division headquarters at Kargil, saying that the step will go a long way in satiating the development needs of Kargil and its adjoining areas.
While applauding the resolve and co-ordination of the people of Kargil, Omar in a statement said, “I compliment the people of Kargil for the peaceful character of their demonstration. It is pleasing to know that the sentiments and genuine concerns of the people of Kargil have been agreed to by the governor administration.”
Omar while underscoring the need for decentralisation said that delegating administrative powers to local administrative units indeed strengthens the democracy. “Empowering grass root level institutions will help people evolve solutions to their local issues. It will increase the say of local people in decision making,” he said, adding, “I believe decentralization of powers offers a way forward to deal with the immense diversity in a state like ours besides meeting the local development needs.”
Omar maintained that Jammu and Kashmir is a state of vital diversity in terms of its topography. “The need of the hour is to grant special administrative arrangements to other areas of the state in order to help them realize their full potential. By delegating administrative powers to sub regions and ensuring effective and empowered grass roots level democracy much of the burden will be taken off from the shoulders of centralized units in state and central governments. Our roadmap on regional autonomy will suffice the development and other needs of neglected areas by giving due representation to every corner of the state,” he said, adding “We have already pledged that if our party comes to power with majority, we will take no time to give special administrative arrangements to other areas of our state including Chenab and Pir Panchal region.”
“Our party firmly believes in the fact that decentralization in terms of granting special administrative arrangements to far flung areas and strengthening of multi tier local bodies affords a way out to meet the challenges of development deficit, social and ethnic diversity,” he said.