Obtaining a Degree and Getting a Job is Not the End of the World. Look Beyond the Obvious

Obtaining a Degree and Getting a Job is Not the End of the World. Look Beyond the Obvious
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Farhad Ahmad Pir

We dream because we expect something from life. These expectations toss us into the realm of dreams. Our life is made of dreams. Dreams have a positive role in our life and it is only dreams that keep our struggle going on. We dream often, and get some solace while dreaming. Dream seeing is a normal activity. In our dreams we make impossible things doable. We do reverie and consciously shut our eyes and trying to reach out to the things which we don’t have at hand.
In this way, dreams lead us to the goal which we want to accomplish. First we desire then we dream and afterwards, it takes a form of expectation. These desires hurl us under a great strain of struggles, while gratifying our wishes we try hard in our life in different forms.
Most sound form of struggle is to get some good amount of education. In fact, education makes us into good human beings, infuses in us a great intellect and offers great job opportunities. In our life, we strive for the cause which we think will lead us to the destination. Everybody is making every effort in his own way, so are the desires attached with these struggles. Some common elements are naturally alike like everyone seeks a better and comfortable life which we associate with things like having a mansion, a garden, a car and a beautiful wife. There is no wrong by having a desire for such things. Nobody can deny the desire for these things. Our endeavors in life revolve around these desires.
In this way we mostly think that receiving education and getting degrees in different courses will give us jobs with handsome salaries; here we attach our desires with education. No doubt, education is a vehicle which opens a gateway for numerous opportunities, but if we look at education only by this angle, we are misinterpreting the real aim of education, and then this lopsided overview digs a deep pit for our desires.
One sided perception of looking at education brings misery in our life. Education is a progress from darkness to light. If we look around our surroundings we could count on our finger tips in second’s a horde of educated and degree holders. It is certain we have burned the midnight oil while fulfilling the criteria in achieving degrees. We have a respect and deep sympathy for our degree holders who, with their hard work and zeal, earned the title of different degrees. But, one grave loophole is lying deep down in the psyche of our educated youth who want jobs only in their own course of study which is right but we are living in such a region where we are conscious about the political and geographical conditions, as such there are fewer chances of job opportunities which we wish for.
No doubt we get the thing for which we struggle throughout life like we become degree holders but unfortunately, the expectations which we have associated with it, may not be often rewarded for which we have made a bed of roses and build castles in the air. In this way our hopes turns into a state of utter frustration and dejection. These unrequited hopes and desires become a cause of our seclusion. We become frustrated with our unrewarded expectations.
Would have we not kept expectations laden with bundles of wishes for bits and pieces, there could have been a different state of our life. Illogical expectation of things will not then hurt us in one and another way.
It is important here how we can beat disappointment and hopelessness; certainly, there is always a way to conquer hard times. It is for all educated and younger masses who are receiving education in different fields that they should not attach worldly desires with it and do not forget the real value of education.
Our mindset is shaped in such a way where we are reluctant and stubborn to do anything beyond our fixed goals, whereas most people get absorbed in different departments allied to their course of study but bulk of them remain on the name of God. This unadjusted folk should not get hopeless; they could use their specialization in other fields. We have to do something that imparts equal value to our degrees and must not sit idle and wait for higher positions. We have to engage ourselves in some other activities and do not make our mind a devil’s workshop. We have to start at lower level with time we will definitely reach at higher but if we try to start from higher indeed we would fall and shatter. Needless to say we have plenty of job opportunities available at every nook and corner; only we have to come out of the box of the vogue of degrees which undoubtedly we have earned after a great toil.
We do a wrong by waiting for years for a job oriented courses and after getting rejection, it becomes a cause of our dissatisfaction. Here is a big No for all such despair; we should channelize our experiences which we have gained during the course of accomplishing degrees in various fields of studies in other accessible ways. In this way our expertise could not get spoiled and wasted. We can live our life happily only if we don’t look at education from a degree oriented jobs point of view. It is better to do something else than waiting.
Our society is replete with such educated folk who are distressed with their lives; even some get over aged by waiting for a job oriented courses. It is high time to change this unconventional thinking and utilize this experience in different fields at our hand, so that we will not become a burden for our family and talk in the eyes of neighbors and society. This will also build our self esteem and lost interest. It is the only way we can live our life gladly and meaningfully without waiting for something which may not knock at our door.

—The author, a resident of Tujar Sharief, can be reached at: pirfarhad123@gmail.com,