Belief in God is the Fountainhead of a Peaceful, Harmonious World

Belief in God is the Fountainhead of a Peaceful, Harmonious World
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This is going on since the very outset and man has been searching for the forces and factors responsible for the existence of the universe and everything in the universe from that very moment. And, while trying to find answers to the big and small questions each individual has come up with an answer. The answers are at times conciliatory and at others conflicting, they may be immature or laced with the sophisticated scientific knowledge. The answers may also be satisfying or disturbing.
Anyhow, the conflict and conciliation of the answers is not the problem. As long as we keep asking questions and trying sincerely to find their answers it is perfectly alright, the problem arises when man ceases to ask questions and stops to find out any answers. Once the questions are asked and answers are found the conciliation and reconciliation of the answers can be subsequently achieved.
Every individual tries to give a reason for the existence of the universe and why things are as they are. As majority of men are religious and naturally they attribute the creation of the universe, forces of the universe, and all the animate and inanimate things in it to God. All the religious men agree about it but still there is a great diversity of thought processes about the God. This diversity of thought processes has created divergence and divisions. That is the reason why many followers of a religion hold that religion as sacrosanct and the rest of the religions as corrupt.
Had that not been the case there would have been no hatred and violence in the name of religion. God has created all the things from minute to the mighty according to the faithful, all agree about it, but still people practicing different religions quarrel and fight with each other in the name of religion. This is a great tragedy and travesty which has poised the current day world dangerously.
The difference begins with the descriptions that the followers of different religions ascribe to God. Some attribute a form to God and others say he is formless and no form can be conceived of God by the human intelligence. Associating a form with God is a blasphemy according to these religions. In the same manner some say that God cannot beget and is not begotten and when anybody who does so claims to be God or is called as God is simply lying. For some there is only one God and for many others there is a multitude of gods controlling each department of the universe.
There is also a set of people, a big group of them, who completely deny the existence of God. According to them, the universe runs as per the laws of its own and there is no agency like God who governs. Among this group there is a sub-group who are called as agnostic and for agnostics they are indifferent towards the existence of God, He may exist or may not exist they are not concerned about that.
Here we are concerned with the believers and the atheists and agnostics can be taken care of only when believers keep their houses in order. For us, God is in every entity and shred and speck of the world, there is not a leaf which turns without His will and there is no movement in the mightiest of the hills and mountains which is not sanctioned by Him. As Joel Osteen has right said, “I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors”. With this attitude our job is to make our faith in God as the basis of a better world order.
Majority of people try to avoid this topic all together; they don’t want to change the notions and beliefs about God and their religions. No matter if their perceptions are not sanctioned by the religions, they follow but still they are not ready to correct themselves. We must be open to corrections, we must be ready to give up that which is hurting us and adopt, and apply, that which is good for all. Belief in one Almighty God is good for all but somehow we end up creating controversies which lead to violence and wars.
Many people associated with different religions of the world have remained at war with each other since the ages and have harmed the humanity too dearly. They have caused actual wars and resulted in great losses to the human life. The situation in the current times has not changed a bit and still wars are fought and conflicts exist which have somehow religion as a cause. We, the believers, have no doubt about the existence of God. He exists and runs all the affairs of the universe and if we realize this reality almost all the wars and conflicts between the religions will cease the very moment.
The basic and fundamental thing is the belief in God; all religions believe this. So this is the uniting point and unfortunately we have not united on this point, if nothing we are not ready to unite on language and vocabulary. You call God as God, we call Him Allah, others call him by another name but the tragedy is that you will never call Him by my name and I am not ready to do that either.
When we accept the basic thing and realize the fundamental truth why need we to fight for other things. The difference in language should not be allowed to come in the way of realizing this truth. Here again it is the openness of mind which could aid us in getting enlightened, in accepting good from wherever is it available and giving up the bad, howsoever deeply is it associated with us.
Religions have greatly served humans but the illogical and stubborn followers of religions who have closed their eyes and breed so much of hatred that all the good gets overlooked and only the gory side of religion, if there actually is a gory side to it, comes to the forefront. The founders while establishing their religions had service to humans in mind and towards that service they moved. But once the reins were transferred to the followers, some of them used religions to satisfy their parochial interests. It is then the religion seems gory, which it actually is not.
There is no denying the fact that there are differences and points of conflict between religions but those conflicts are reconcilable; they can be taken care of. True, some religions hold extreme views in many areas of life and regarding many religious questions but there is not a single religion which does not believe in God. So, before making them to come to a level of moderation on other things they must agree what the already believe in.
We call ourselves as modern and enlightened men but that should be reflected on the ground and in case that is not done we can simply be called as having achieved nothing like enlightenment. We have to prove what we claim and we must begin by agreeing on the fundamental truth about God.
If we keep fighting in the name of religion, all enlightenment goes to winds. We cannot exterminate the followers of the other religions nor can the followers of the other religions do that with us. The efforts which are being made, and they are being made for sure, end up hurting the one who plots. Time is to defeat all the plotters and perpetrators of violence in the name of religion. Harmony among religions is the need of the time.

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