Regret every killing: JRL

Regret every killing: JRL
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Condemns attack on Muslims in Jammu

SRINAGAR: The joint resistance leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik while commenting on Thursday’s Pulwama attack said the people and leadership of Kashmir regret every killing that takes place here.
In a statement, JRL said, “As we witness killing of our loved ones, our young, and shoulder their coffins each day, we can feel and understand the pain and sense of loss that the family and friends of those who are killed go through, not for a day or two when everyone is expressing grief and condolences to them, but the silent grief and loss that stays with them for a lifetime.”
JRL said the delay in the resolution of Kashmir dispute, the denial to engage with the sentiments and aspirations of the people of J&K and the use of muscular military approach to counter an “essentially political and human problem”, is wrecking havoc in Kashmir especially on our next generation and consuming them, while those who are here to execute this policy are also under stress and paying a price with their lives.
“Militarisation, CASOs, use of bullets and pellets, blowing up homes, blinding and maiming, PSAs and torture as a means to crush legitimate political aspirations of people has not only failed but worsened the situation,” JRL said.
“If this death dance has to stop, if hatred and revenge have to stop, if killing and counter-killings have to stop and if we really want peace in the region, we have to put an end to hostilities,” the leadership said. “The most effective and civilised manner to do so is to reach out and engage and listen to the concerns of all three stakeholders and address them in the spirit of humanity and justice. Resolve the Kashmir dispute for all times.”
Meanwhile, JRL has strongly condemned the incidents of arson in Gujjar Nagar, Jammu and elsewhere, where communal elements torched the vehicles of Kashmiri Muslims and injured many.
“Right from 1947, communal forces active in Jammu leave no stone unturned to attack and intimidate Muslims and Kashmiri people. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of Muslims and Kashmiris and living there,” Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said.