Kashmiri govt staff in Jammu endures frightening day

Kashmiri govt staff in Jammu endures frightening day
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SRINAGAR: After violent protests in Jammu by unruly mobs that injured many, Kashmiri government employees who went to Jammu with the Darbar Move are feeling scared. Their government-owned residential flats were stoned at several places in the city on Friday.
A sizeable number of these Kashmiris said they stayed in their homes and did not offer congregational Friday prayers to avoid being targeted. A Kashmiri family said their neighbours were stoned by a mob of Hindus at Janipur. They said they stayed indoors and kept their vehicles inside their houses.
“Mobs shouted slogans and abuses against Kashmiris.They also were shouting Bharata Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram,” said a Kashmiri woman employee who is in Jammu because of the six-month Darbar Move.
President of the Secretariat Employees Union, Ghulam Rasool Mir, told Kashmir Reader that mobs attacked localities where Kashmiri employees are putting up.
“In Janipur, two kids were also injured, and scores of our vehicles were damaged. There was thin attendance in the secretariat too. Those who turned up offered their Friday prayers within the premises of the secretariat. We felt fearful, and decided to pray here only,” he said.
Mir said there are between 7,000 to 8000 Kashmiri employees who shifted to Jammu with the annual government move.
“We request the government to provide us security. We are fearful here. The atmosphere is tense. Anything is possible,” Mir said.
An employee of the secretariat told Kashmir Reader that he returned home halfway from office after he was told by his family that a mob had reached their locality and was damaging vehicles and attacking civilians.
Another employee said, “I have relatives staying at many places in the city. All of them stayed at home.”
Another employee said that the mob at Janipora raised slogans like ‘Kashmir Ke Gaddaro Ko, Goli Maaro Saalo Ko’ and ‘Bharat Mai jisko rehna hai, Vande Mataram kehna hai.’ He said that the mob locked the main gates of the government quarters at Janipora.
“I have been coming to Jammu since 1988. But the situation today is quite challenging. In past as well there were some clashes but today the intensity was more,” a government employee in Narwal area said and added that government should ensure safety and security of every Kashmiri who is in Jammu right now.