Dehradun college terminates Kashmiri Dean after mobs threatens to set premises on fire

Dehradun college terminates Kashmiri Dean after mobs threatens to set premises on fire
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SRINAGAR: A college in Dehradun has terminated Kashmiri Dean Academic affairs after a violent mob threatened college administration of setting its building on fire if the demand is not met.

Now for the security of Kashmir students, studying in the college (nearly 150 in number), the college is sending them home on their request and 50 had already asked for it.

Abid Kuchay, a resident of Kulgam, and the college dean of Alpine Institute told Kashmir Reader that a mob on Friday, attacked the college and demanded first his demotion from dean, but later asked for my termination.


“The college asked for it. I agreed for the betterment of college,” he said, The Abid’s resignation has been asked for his role of getting Kashmir students admission in the college.

Abid there are about 320 students from Jammu and Kashmir studying in Alpine Institute. Abid said he has sent nearly 20 kashmiris students to Valley, while next 30 will be sent in coming days.

“On the request of students, and their families, I am sending students to their home. If there will be anyone, he can contact me,” he added.

A group of Kashmiri students have already fled from Dehradun after they were attacked by violent mobs.  The Kashmir students are in dire straits after mobs, one after the other, attack them in their accommodations, forcing them to flee for safer places.

A worried student, who was on run from Dehradun to Chandigarh, after he, along with three others were attacked four times in a day, told Kashmir Reader that the charged atmosphere has given them a sense that they are closer to death.

“We fled. Have no idea where to go, but have dialled a helpline which had offered help. We just want to go home, and see our families,” he added.