Four Kashmiri students thrashed by a mob in Chattisgarh, ‘want to return home’

Four Kashmiri students thrashed by a mob in Chattisgarh, ‘want to return home’
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SRINAGAR: At least 32 students undergoing engineering training through central governments Skill Development and Empowerment Himayat scheme are feeling unsafe and have pleaded early return to home after they were “assaulted” by the students from Maharashtra and Bihar states in the hostel building of Disha Institute of Management and Engineering Technology at Chattisgarh.

The  students said “a minor argument which broke over food platters during the dinner was sorted out after the apology but a while later at around 9:15 PM as we were getting ready for sleep “the students from Maharashtra and Bihar states accompanied by outsiders with hockey sticks broke into the third floor where 32 Kashmiri Students all from Bandipora are accommodated.

“Though the majority of us managed to flee and hide into the room by blocking the entry till the police came, the four students were caught unaware as they were in washrooms and were taken out and beaten”.


The injured students were identified as Faisal, Naveed, Mohsin, and Zahid.

The students said:  “The students who are accommodated in the same hostel building in 2nd and 3rd floor respectively in the shape of a mob also broke windowpanes of the building  and threatened us,” said a student while talking to Kashmir Reader over phone. “No one seems to take our statements in to consideration and have left us alone feeling threatened and unsafe, even the phone numbers from our coordinators from Himayat in Srinagar are switched off and no one among them is here with us”.

They said that they were feeling unsafe and wanted to return home safely but “they seem to have disowned us,  no one is paying any heed to our pleas. They are stating ‘go wherever you want to go,'” the situation here is tense and we are feeling unsafe. We have even packed our luggage,” they said.