Uncleaned for years, city drains submerged in silt

Uncleaned for years, city drains submerged in silt
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Silt levels almost as deep as drains, water-logging bound to follow

SRINAGAR: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is yet to complete de-silting of drains in several areas of the city which is the also one of the cause of water logging. Fifty percent of the city’s drainage is blocked with the authorities having failed to lift silt since the 2014 floods.
Residents in several areas like Kawadara, Habba Kadal, Baba Demb, Khanyar, Eidgah are lamenting the apathy of the officials as silt in the drains has levelled up to roads, with no possibility of de-silting work in sight.
After a snow or even in little rain, the roads get submerged with water because of choked drains, residents said.
“Even small rains scare us as these create flood-like situations. Overflowing water enters our lawns as the silted drains are not able to carry it,” Showkat Ahmad, a local resident, said.
In several areas, people said the drains are blocked by silt and garbage and the department has not cleared them for years.
“The drains have an actual depth of five feet, but are filled with more than four feet of silt,” Furqan Ahmad, a resident of Kawadara, said. “Several drains are without a proper pumping system and many are blocked by silt and solid waste. The authorities clear the roadside garbage and they leave the drains untouched.”
The foul smell from the over-silted drains agitates the residents. “We are just a few kilometres from city centre, and this area has been neglected by Srinagar Municipal Corporation. They have failed to even visit it. The drainage part, which is the basic facility, has been ignored over the years as the authorities failed to clear the drains, which is the main reason for water logging in the city,” said residents of Baba Demb.
Presently, the problem of water-logging seems unending. “Near about one foot of water enters our houses and shops which does not allow us to come out from our houses. Old persons as well as children can not go for their work and tuitions. Why didn’t they take our problem seriously?” the residents further said
For their part, an official at SMC said the deparmtent is planning on working out a siltation to the problems in the drainage network.