‘Strictly adhere to guidelines for selection of candidates in new govt medical colleges’

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Srinagar: The faculty association of newly appointed Assistant Professors for five new government medical colleges of the state on Tuesday asked the administration to strictly adhere to the guidelines for the selection of candidates to these colleges.
“MCI has laid down the requirements to be fulfilled by applicant colleges for obtaining letter of intent and letter of permission for establishment of new Medical College and yearly renewals under section 10-A of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 amended up to August 2018,” they said in a statement.
“New GMC needs Professor and Associate professors for basic first year MBBS subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry on urgent basis to get first LOP whereas the professor and Associate Professor for clinical branches are needed during third or Fourth year/ LOP /recognition,” they added.
They further said: Reportedly majority of applicants for the lateral entry/ academic arrangement for the posts of Associate professor and Professor in clinical branches lack one or the other basic requirement for eligibility – either required years of service in a 300 bedded government hospital, mandatory teaching experience or requisite minimum publications till now.
“Its widely being speculated that the eligibility criteria of having worked at 300 bedded hospitals for 10/18 years, would be relaxed to accommodate these consultants of clinical branches from health into medical education through lateral entry. This has led to many unscrupulous candidates to get the publications through Plagiarism and bribing some black listed journals, leading to apprehensions among PSC selected Asst. Professors and other deserving consultants,” the association stated.