On Misinterpretation and Slander

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Nazir ul Ahmad Magray

We are addicted to misinterpreting things. Each one of us wants to make ourselves very much plain and transparent before others. We try to show others our quality of kindness and compassion. But, we also often make fallacious and tendentious arguments and statements to deceit and make others cheated .These artificial and fabricated things and statements please us as our colleagues or rivals are being given our dwelling face mask. This is the dark aspect of our greedy and selfishness nature. Our vision doesn’t go beyond our toe or shadow.
It is this misinterpretation and misinformation that creates rivalries among brothers, couples, families, kith and kin, societies, nations and so on.
The Quran is not for Muslims only; the Holy the book is for the whole mankind and humanity. It is the way of life throughout life till the end of this world no matter how modernity may prevail .It is the Holy constitution from Allah Subhana Watala to mankind without any discrimination.
Hypocrisies and backbiting is severely condemned by all religions, in general , and by Islam in particular .The doer is called in Quran the Munafiqeen for whom as separate and specially featured hell is good prepared.
Backbiting, backstabbing, or tale-bearing is slandering someone in their absence — to bite them behind their back. Originally, backbiting referred to an unsporting attack from the rear in the blood sport of bear baiting.
In the Bahá’í Faith, Christian, Islamic and Jewish doctrine, backbiting is considered a sin. The Bahá’í leaders condemned it as the worst of sins as it destroyed the ‘life of the soul’ and provoked divine wrath. Thomas Aquinas classified it as a mortal sin, but did not consider it to be the gravest sin that one could commit against one’s neighbour.In Islam, backbiting is known as Gibat and Islam considers it to be a major sin and the Qur’an compares it to the abhorrent act of eating the flesh of one’s dead brother.
In Judaism, backbiting is known as hotzaat shem ra (spreading a bad name) and is considered a very severe sin.
In Buddhism, backbiting goes against the ideal of right speech.
In short, slander and gheeba as evils that are frowned upon by all religions and lead to discord in society. These evils must be nipped in the bud.

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