‘People complain of snow covered roads, we have no road’

‘People complain of snow covered roads, we have no road’
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SHOPIAN: The recent snowfall has compounded the miseries of the residents of Dachnoo, Krechpathri and adjoining villages, a farflung area in Hirpora belt of district Shopian.
While most people in Kashmir are complaining of connectivity disrupted by the snowfall, the villagers here rue that they do not have a road and bridge to connect the village to district headquarter.
The water supply to the habitations, was also according to them, snapped in December, and is yet to be restored.
“Far many people snow is a time of enjoyment but for us it’s worse than a nightmare, as neither we have water supply nor electricity and not the road connectivity either,” said Jahangir Ahmad Mir, a resident of Dochnu.
Dochnu village and adjoining habitations comprise of more than 500 households. The area is situated on the right side of Mughal road, more than a kilometer from Hirpora village wherefrom the Mughal Road which connects Kashmir Valley with Rajouri and Poonch districts passes.
“We made a path on five feet of snow to walk on and bring costly food and essential items from Hirpora,” a local resident said.
Villagers rued that the government spent thousands of lacs of rupees on the construction of Mughal road but abandoned their area for ever.
“During recent snowfall, a villager fell ill and we had to carry him on wooden stretcher to the hospital,” Nawaz Ahmad, another resident said adding that it was only possible when the entire village came out to make a small passage on snow.
Residents said that many officials and politicians have made promises to them but none of them was met.
“Our area is economically backward and no one in area has such influence to motivate any officer for the construction of bridge on Rambiara rivulet which separates the area from Hirpora,” an elderly man from the village said.
“We are too heartbroken now to visit more offices where we get nothing but humiliation.”
Locals added that last year the deputy commissioner had said a temporary bridge would be laid to reduce the miseries of people “but that was not also constructed”.
“Since December last year, we have no drinking water supply either, which forces us to fetch spring water from a huge distance with the help of horses. We feel as if we are not part of this Kashmir as ours is the lone area which have none of basic facilities to live in this age of science and technology,” Muhammad Nafie Khan, another local said.
Besides the problems caused by snow, villagers said, their children fail to reach schools due to the lack of road connectivity, and often have to trudge through water.
Deputy Commissioner Shopian Owais Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that a bridge would be laid in the area very soon.
“We have a steel bridge and due to freezing temperatures we didn’t work to avoid any defects in the work. Soon after the freezing temperatures end, a bridge would be laid there and the area will be connected with the district headquarter,” he said.