Unable to reach motorable highway, another lady gives birth by roadside in Budgam

Unable to reach motorable highway, another lady gives birth by roadside in Budgam
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BUDGAM: In a shocking incident, an expecting lady in labour delivered her baby by the roadside in the freezing cold as the snow-clogged roads hampered her family’s efforts to get her sooner to hospital.
Sarwa Jan, 30, a resident of Harde-Malpora area of Sanoor Kalipora village in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district, complained of labour pains on Friday morning, and her family and relatives had no option but to get her to hospital.
Ferrying her on their shoulders from their home towards Community Health Care Centre Magam in “adverse” conditions, her family members realised they would not arrive in time and placed the charpoy they were using by the roadside.
“We landed the charpoy on the roadside filled with a few feet of snow under the open sky to provide her a shield and to protect her from the snow,” her husband Jahangeer Ahmad told Kashmir Reader.
“By then, one of the relatives had called the police and an ambulance to provide assistance,” he said, adding though that “by the time BMO Soibug sent an ambulance, the snow was so high on the roads that the vehicle could not move ahead for hours”.
“By that time, the pain had intensified, and she began screaming and shouting loudly, ‘Mya cxun Jiger’, and I knelt down to relieve her from the pain. Thanks to Allah, within no time she delivered a baby boy.”
It was after that that the ambulance arrived, and the people of Malapora, SK Pora and Chaira and the police personnel of Magam boarded the lady into it. But the vehicle could not budge on its own and would only move by being pushed over the snow-filled roads, locals said.
After all this hectic effect, the lady was evacuated and admitted to CHC Magam for further treatment.
“This is totally disgusting and shameful for the district adminstration to have failed to clear snow from the vital roads of Budgam,” locals alleged and said, “The DC madam is herself a lady, but this gruesome incident couldn’t awaken her conscience.”
“She should have taken the concerned department to task over why they failed to clear the roads. But the irony is that she is still unaware of the incident and encourages officials without knowing the ground reality,” aggrieved people said.
They alleged that the required machines were not sent to clear the roads; rather, roads was cleared by tractors in the area, leaving behind almost a foot of snow.
Block Medical Officer (BMO), Magam, Dr Syed Tahir Sajad told Kashmir Reader that the lady was brought here, but she had delivered her baby on the way. ‘’Both are stable and have been discharged after proper care.”
He said that the lady had delivered the baby while the ambulance was on its way to the spot.
Meanwhile, Sub-district Magistrate Beerwah Abdul Majeed Lone said that the department lacks proper machinnary to tackle such situations.
“This is disgusting, it shouldn’t have happened,” he said adding simultaneously, “This is a social responsibility as well, and we must help the adminstration side-by-side in such circumstances.”