On the Dangerous Addiction of a Stupid Game Called PUBG

On the Dangerous Addiction of a Stupid Game Called PUBG
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By Mudasir Lone

My dear readers Asalaam u Alaikum:
This is my first Article and I hope it may prove fruitful for all of us. Before proceeding further, it is important for us to know what the ways and means; we should develop for a healthy society. So, I hold it in the nature of a social obligation to ring alarm bells for society in a positive, ethical and moral manner. The topic that I will be highlighting is one of the worst signs happening in our society at present, as far as our younger generation is considered.
Dear readers I hope you have picked up, what about I am going to discuss?
I know you have come to know what I am going to discuss. The four words that are proving dominant as a whole and with which the youth are seen busy with, the fever that has taken “PUBG “which, in the broader sense, means “Player unknowns battle ground” . If we just think about the line itself, it means the individual that gets attached with it, has not his future in that but is wasting his time. The saying about this is that it has been an addict to which the young generation is getting attached very faster and having the puffs of addiction. At the moment, they are playing, they never feel but the boys playing this game are being converted as patients and addicts of PUBG.
The person, who gets in touch with that, first gets cut-off from his personal life. It is said his thinking is interlinked with others playing with him on this cyber game. Thus, he only thinks of defending himself and saving his parents in games. His family is just the players in this game. What he thinks, imagine and execute is just a crippling of the individual. He gets so much affected with his game (PUBG) as if , it is each and every thing for him.
PUBG, in my definition, is “Personal Utilization in Befooling Game. A game from where there is nothing to gain but just loss. Loss of connections with family, friends, relatives, and loss of greatest asset in his vault only value meaning in wouldn’t get that once lose time. We must make good use of time so to be the real resources for the world and mankind. Don’t be impatient of utility of time. Time is a natural resource from what we can derive lots of joyful moments as well as resources. We are created as a mankind to this universe, but if we act like doing odd activities as PUBG then who can call us human?
How can we be fruitful rather we are proving fraudsters to the universes of Almighty Allah., because the only difference between we and other species is we think but we will get advantageous Mobile phone to be utilized in a wrong way is just shame for we people. Just think once you are being provided with the important resourceful things for your comfort but you as a human are nothing doing good with that; infant mortality from your sense has been replaced by the play games like PUBG and other misusing dimensions. World is full of Intellectuals but no where there is humanity; who can guide this full of addition youth?
PUBG is a game that has became a challenge to stop as youth is involved with it. A Great saying is that were in we see youth is involved in doing anything that thing automatically gets done. Same is the case with PUBG as the young are greatly involved in this stupid game. This game t can snatch your every single second but also your precious personalities to whom you are born for. You are farthing your aims, your goals, your day-to-day life, your real sport, that can make your life, can life you from nowhere to skies. Relaying on PUBG means you are acting in the living world as a non living being , your character is just like that robot as a robot is make to go back or front, left or right but only by gestures same happens with the PUBG addicted one give it up my brothers just give it up. This game has made many of us victims. A good number of youth is catching up the disease thus shifted to hospital which is not good going. Some have died too. Leave it these and do fruitful and productive things.

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