LinkedIn, is a Professional Networking Site, Par Excellence

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Syed Tawseef

In the present times, we have witnessed the growth of social media platforms that have served as a medium of connectivity and communications. These have boosted the transit of information across the globe and have made the world into global village. And, they have given freedom to the users of the platform to express their feelings and expressions. Social media has also acted as a tool for marketing and promotions of the businesses across different countries. It has really done well in expanding the businesses and has acted efficiently to reach out to millions of customers who use these platforms.
LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms which was founded in 2002 and launched in 2003 particularly for businesses and employment oriented services. It has acted an effective tool and a cheaper method of marketing in the present times. It operates through website and a mobile application. The new and existing businesses post advertisements for their promotions of products and services. And, also the employers post job advertisements while as the job seekers post their CVs. LinkedIn has helped in finding useful skill across different countries to businesses where the required skill was not available in the local market.
Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn uses algorithms that gets continuously get updated and provides its users the best experience. It had an effectively system of filtering the content before it is entered into feeds so as to remove the spam or low rated content to get into feeds. Besides using a computer bot to filter contents, LinkedIn also uses real humans to filter the content .Once the contents shows on your feeds you can like it or share it on your wall so that it appears on the walls of your network or flag it to show its a spam. There is an option of hiding content also so that no one can see it.
LinkedIn is professional networking software which helps people to get connected not only with the persons they know but also to the persons which their contacts know.
The users have to open an account, fill up the personal details on the LinkedIn website. They need to submit their portfolios and if they are seeking employments they can post their resumes which helps other connections to find best designed resumes in any particular work or profession .At present, millions of users are registered with LinkedIn and are using this platform for reaping the benefits which it offers.
LinkedIn groups as a business tool
LinkedIn group is an exciting feature of the site which provides a place for the people of same profession or businesses to share ideas, insights and experiences, ask for guidance and build valuable connections that can ultimately help excel in one’s business and career. You can find groups of your choice and also you can create a group on a specific topic or industry of our own to build a network of your professionals which can ultimately be your guide and a platform to share your ideas.

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