Quality Education Is In the Nature of a Right. Here’s Some Suggestions to Fellow Students

Quality Education Is In the Nature of a Right. Here’s Some Suggestions to Fellow Students
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Syed Iram

Education means the process of learning, gaining and acquiring knowledge by an individual after going through a process of study. It develops a student into a better human being. It can be acquired by public schooling. All children have the right to education. The first school for a child is his/her home; parents are their teachers who guide their children in a proper way. However, parents may not always have the tools to support their children. Their level of education is very different from that of school, as their education influences parent-child interactions related to learning. Parents with little formal knowledge may also be less familiar with the language used in the school, limiting their ability to support learning and participate in school-related activities. Hence, school is must for a child to be educated.
Teachers are the role models for student who teach them to become good person, they are key in improving learning outcomes of children; a focus on teacher development is therefore an obvious priority.
Nowadays, students are waiting for the day, which would be functional. It seems as if all the days are holidays. Students suffer a lot due to the conflict here. Think over those students who are in primary schools and need a base but what happens really, it makes one cry to think over it seriously. Guidance is must for every student but if students are far away from schools, who is to guide them? Higher education students, no doubt, suffer a lot as well
By way of a conclusion, I would like to suggest students to work hard take advice from elders, study frequently and learn things perfectly. My advice to all the students is to make good hold on your studies, set a goal consult to locality teachers for help in better guidance and know what you want.

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