Months after brother killed, Srinagar man ‘injured’ by gun butts, police deny

Months after brother killed, Srinagar man ‘injured’ by gun butts, police deny
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Says confronted police on throwing ‘hazardous spray’ inside home

SRINAGAR: More than three months after his brother was killed during a gunfight with government forces in old city, Mudasair Habib of Karfali Mohalla Srinagar was allegedly injured by police with gun butts on head Sunday.
Mudasir had gone to talk to police after two children in his family suffered nausea and swelling in face because of hazardous spray allegedly lobbed inside a room during a stone throwing clashes in the locality.
Unable to bear the helplessness of his kids, Mudasir went to speak to concerned police official.
“I went to talk to the police officer to ask him why the spray was thrown into our home which had impacted the kids. He told me, go and do what you have to do. I asked him what do you mean? He responded with a slap on my face. I retaliated with the same,” recalls Mudasir. “Within no time, four cops held my arms, and two hit my head with gun butts for nearly five minutes, resulting in a head injury.”
According to Mudasir, the pain of kids due to the spray triggered him to confront the officer who is supposed to maintain calm in the area. However, it turned otherwise.
One of the two kids was his own son, and another the son of his slain brother, Rayees, who according to police, was an over ground worker for militants in the area, a claim denied by the family.
Mudasir is pursuing a doctorate in biotechnology from Kashmir University. He has found why Kashmiri indigenous cows produce less yield of milk than the imported breed of cows from Europe if they are given with same fodder? The results are interesting which has challenged the existing knowledge about the subject, but Mudasir has not touched his Phd since his brother was killed.
Police, however, termed the incident as “baseless and devoid of reality”. Its spokesperson said that “some miscreants at Karfali Mohallah tossed stones at deployed CRPF and Police, and they responded by properly following standard operating procedure”.
He added that nobody has entered or ransacked any house “as alleged by some miscreants”, and a case FIR No: 03/2019 under relevant sections of law stands registered in the matter at police station M R Gunj.
Mudasir termed the police version a lie.
“Police threw the spray inside our home after my wife shouted at police to let go a boy who was beaten and taken away by police on the road. She heard the shrieks of the boy and went upstairs to ask police to release him.”
“I then went upstairs to ask my wife to come down, but the pain of boy had taken over her to an extent that my pleas were useless. In between, the cops on the roads saw, and then hurled the spray without bothering who was inside. The officer who got me injured even spotted it, and went to take the cop away. He even hit at his head,” Mudasir said.